SW-401 Mayco Flux

SW-401 Mayco Flux

SW-401 Mayco Flux Bottle

Movement • Interaction • Beauty

SW-401 Mayco Flux is a mid-range glaze that was developed to be used in combination with other mid-range glazes to produce flowing effects. Mayco Flux interacts with other glazes to create movement, bringing about "hidden" colors and visual texture.  The order in which you apply Mayco Flux - above or beneath another glaze - impacts the fired result. Designed to fire to cone 5/6, but can be fired to cone 9/10 (movement will be more pronounced at higher temperatures).

• Variables that influence movement include the fluidity of the companion glaze, application methods, thickness and orientation of application, number of coats, firing temperature and program.

• To prevent glaze run-off, avoid applying Flux to the bottom third of your ware.

As seen in Mayco's Ad: Ceramics Monthly - September Issue.

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