Owl on a Branch


Products Used

  • MB-1391 Medium Flat Vase
  • FN-001 White
  • FN-006 Blue
  • SC-15 Tuxedo
  • SC-41 Brown Cow
  • SC-97 Cant-elope
  • SG-401 Black 
  • SG-409 Bright Green
  • NT-CLR Clear Dipping or S-2101 Clear Brushing Glaze

Decorating Accessories

  • DSS-0109 Aviary-Large Birds
  • AC-310 Silkscreen Medium
  • SL-436 Fern Leaf Stencil
  • SG-501 Sculpting Medium
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan
  • CB-110 #10/0 Liner
  • CB-106 #6 Script Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Squeegee
  • Palette Knife
  • Palette
  • Download: Pattern


430.Owl on a Branch
Designer: Marcia Roullard


  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque.  Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Cut out the pattern of the owl and the branch.
  3. Loosely trace the cut out on the front of the vase. Using the CB-604 Soft Fan, apply 2-3 coats to this area withFN-001 White.
  4. When nearly dry, use the Soft Fan to apply water to glazed area. Place the paper cut out on the traced space, press with paper towel to prevent gaps in the paper.
  5. Using the CB-604 Soft Fan apply three coats of FN-006 Blue to the front panel of the vase.
  6. It is important to let this glaze dry before proceeding.
  7. Use the Soft Fan to apply a thin coat of FN-006 Blue to the blue area. While wet, place the SL-436 Fern Leaf Stencil onto the vase.
  8. Cut the corners of the SL-436 Fern Leaf Stencil just enough so it will lay flat. Press the stencil into the wet glaze, brush an additional coat of FN-006 Blue over the stencil to fill gaps. You may find that some of the smaller fern leaves may still pop up; however, the process still works well.
  9. Press with paper towel after the Blue glaze begins to dry to remove excess.
  10. Pour off the water head that will be on the surface of SG-501 Sculpturing Medium jar. Stir the jar and place some on a palette, pour some SG-409 Bright Green onto a palette.  This is a fast technique and everything should be ready as Sculpture Medium dries quickly.
  11. With a squeegee, apply SG-501 Sculpturing Medium over the stencil, use the squeegee in the direction of the larger ferns. As soon as the stencil is filled, use the CB-106 Script Liner to apply one coat of SG-409 Bright Green over the Sculpting Medium. Immediately remove the stencil, then the paper owl.  Leaving it on too long will cause the edges of the fern leaves to chip.
  12. Let dry, thicken SC-15 Tuxedo with AC-310 Silkscreen Medium, use a palette knife, to the consistency of peanut butter.  Place the owl from DSS-109 Aviary-Large Birds in the space on the front of the vase, shiny side down.  Rub the thickened Tuxedo over the screen with your finger. Remove the screen and wash gently.
  13. Outline the edges around the owl with SG-401 Black or use the CB-110 Liner with SC-15 Tuxedo to create the outline.
  14. Use the CB-106 Script Liner to apply two coats of SC-41 Brown Cow to the branch. Outline and detail the branch with SG-401 Black (or with theCB-110 Liner and SC-15 Tuxedo). Use the CB-110 Liner to apply one coat of SC-97 Cant-elope to the beak and talons.
  15. Use the tip with SG-401 Black to outline around the border of the panel. While the Black is wet pull the color out to the edge of the inset and into the Blue.  Two lines of SG-401 Black may be needed.
  16. Use the CB-604 Soft Fan to apply three coats of FN-001 White to the remaining sections of the vase.
  17. Slightly thin S-2101 Clear (or NT-CLR) to pour to the inside, roll to coat then drain excess glaze. Use the CB-106 Script Liner to apply one coat of FN-001 White to the branch and around the edge over the SG-401 Black.
  18. Use the same brush to apply three coats of FN-006 Blue to the inside of the neck of the vase.
  19. Fire to cone 06.