Element Fancy Goldfish


Products Used

  • MB-1424 Goldfish
  • EL-119 Burnished Steel
  • EL-133 Autumn
  • SC-15 Tuxedo
  • SC-24 Dandelion
Decorating Accessories
  • BT-910 Synthetic Sponge
  • CB-604 #4 Soft Fan
  • CB-110 #10/0 Mini Liner




wp027 ElementGoldfish
Designer: Marcia Roullard


  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Using CB-604 #4 Soft Fan, apply 2 coats of EL-119 Burnished Steel to the entire MB-1424 Goldfish. After the second coat is applied, use a damp BT-910 Synthetic Sponge to remove most of the glaze from the face, and fins, making sure to leave the glaze in the detail of the fins, and near the base. Also, leave the glaze in the shadow areas of the body, for less darkness remove more of the glaze.
  3. Using CB-604 #4 Soft Fan, apply 3 coats of EL-133 Autumn to the entire fish.
  4. With a damp BT-910 Synthetic Sponge, remove the EL-133 Autumn from the eyes.
  5. Using CB-110 #10/0 Mini Liner, apply  2 coats of SC-24 Dandelion to the eyes and 2 coats of SC-15 Tuxedo for the pupil.
  6. Using a damp BT-910 Synthetic Sponge, remove the glaze from the bottom of the bisque.
  7. Fire to cone 05/06.

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