Raku 6" Mushroom


Products Used

  • MB-1420 6” Garden Mushroom
  • RK-101 Copper Metallic, SC-27 Sour Apple, SC-74 Hot Tamale, SC-75 Orange Apeel, SC-76 Carabein Blue, SC-97 Cant-elope

Decorating Accessories

  • 6 Writer bottles, BT-910 Synthetic Sponge, CB-106 Script Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories



Designer: Renee Lindquist


1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.

2. Using a pencil and sketch on your pattern. The top is concentric circles, some should overlap. See pattern for a sample. The bottom is vertical line veering in the withes, with horizontal lines and boxes. See pattern for a sample.

3. Fill 6 writer bottles with one of each of the colors above or choose your own color pallet.

4. Using CB-106 Script Liner, outline you pattern with RK-101 Copper Metallic. Make sure you do not paint the bottom of the piece. 

5. Using Stroke and Coats in writer bottles, fill in your circle pattern on the mushroom top alternating your colors.

6. Fire the mushroom in a Raku kiln that is outside to about 1800 or until the glazes are all shinny.

7. Prepare a metal can with a lid that a little larger than the mushroom, and line it with newspaper.

8. With Raku tongs, fire proof gloves, and protective Raku clothing, pull the mushroom out of the kiln and place it gently in the can with the newspaper. Allow the paper to catch on fire, and then quickly cover with the lid. (Do not take the lid off the can until your piece has cooled completely).

9. When the mushroom has cooled clean it as it comes out of the can with a stiff brush or green kitchen scrubby to lean off the carbon.

10. Have fun and use caution when you Raku.

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