Peace, Love

Products Used

  • MB-1243 - Ornament Peace Sign
  • MB-890 - Asian Flair 11" Square Plate
  • SC-16 - Cotton Tail
  • SC-17 - Cheeky Pinky
  • SC-27 - Sour Apple
  • SC-28 - Blue Isle
  • SC-34 - Down to Earth
  • SC-74 - Hot Tamale
  • SA-003 - White Accent
Decorating Accessories
  • BT-910 - Synthetic Sponges
  • RB-116 - #6 Reflections Round
  • RB-140 - #8 Reflections Soft Fan
Additional Materials
  • Pencil
  • Cotton Balls
Project Info


  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Using a No. 2 pencil, section the plate off into 4 squares/rectangles:
    1) The top left corner section should measure approximately 5 ¼"W x 6 ¾"T
    2) The top right square measures 5 ½" x 5 ½"
    3) The bottom left corner measures 4"W x 4 ¼"T
    4) The bottom right corner measures 6 ½"W x 5 ½"H. The measurements may vary slightly.
  3. Lay the peace sign down on the right top square so you can see how it looks as you sketch the letters in each box. Make block style letters. The "L" should be elongated so it allows the peace sign to lay flat on the plate. The space you marked off for the "L" is long to accommodate this.
  4. In the bottom left corner, sketch the "V" so that the left side of the "V" is higher than the right side, extending up into the "L" section.
  5. Sketch a block "E" in the bottom right corner.
  6. Apply 3 coats of SC-74 Hot Tamale to the top right square.
  7. Apply 3 coats of SC-28 Blue Isle around the penciled "L" and the top of the "V"
  8. Apply 3 coats of SC-17 Cheeky Pinky around the "V" in the bottom left section.
  9. Apply 3 coats of SC-27 Sour Apple around the "E" in the bottom left corner.
  10. Apply 1-2 coats of SC-16 Cotton Tail to the peace sign and to each of the penciled block letters.
  11. Apply a wash of your favorite color to the back of the piece.
  12. Add some 1960s-inspired flowers to your piece. Using your pencil, mark a small "X" to denote the center of where you want each flower to be. Using a small round brush, dilute SC-34 Down to Earth with a touch of water and make a petal in the shape of a light bulb (skinny at the bottom and round at the top) extending from each of the "X" you marked. Each flower should have 4 petals. They do not need to be the same shape or at the same angle from one another. The sample shows the flower petals extending onto the peace sign and over the different color blocks.
  13. Once all the petals are finished, place a thick dot of SC-17 Cheeky Pinky, SC-27 Sour Apple, SC-28 Blue Isle or SC-74 Hot Tamale in the center of a flower.
  14. Attach the peace sign a SA-003 White Accent.
  15. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 05/06.

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