Slip Cast Molds, Castables, Slump & Hump Molds and Sprig Molds

Molds have been an integral tool for ceramists for decades. Mayco has a long history in mold design and production, dating back to the 80s. Over time, design trends and consumer preferences have changed but our commitment to providing exciting forms and decorating accessories has not.


NOTE (9/24.21): We are temporarily reducing the number of slip cast molds available to order. Focusing on the bestselling, newer, and seasonal molds will allow us to turn molds orders faster by operating more efficiently. Click here to view the list of available/unavailable molds.

We will reevaluate the manufacturing suspension of the select molds in the first quarter of 2022. Our hope is that things will be back to normal by then and we can resume production for all SKUs.

We have made the decision to cease production and sales of our earthenware and stoneware slip indefinitely. Slip is labor-intensive to produce, requires a great deal of valuable manufacturing and storage space, and is more a regional product due to expensive freight costs. We will continue to take orders until October 15 and will manufacture as we can until these orders are filled. We will refer business to other suppliers such as Columbus Clay, Laguna, and Standard, in addition to local suppliers.
Contact your nearest Mayco distributor to order. 

Consistent & Efficient

Molds provides the ability to produce multiples of the same shape exactly and efficiently. From simple one-piece molds to more complex multi-part molds, casting allows business owners to earn revenue or artists the freedom to experiment with ideas for form, surface decoration, attachments, and customized shapes for the table, garden, and home.