Foundations® Save Time During the Holidays!

Get ready to be a hero this holiday season!

Pre-glaze key shapes such as plates, ornaments, bowls, mugs and picture frames and a few platters with White Opaque Foundations®. Customers select a pre-glazed piece and decorate with Mayco Stroke & Coat® or Duncan Concepts®, then you pop it into the kiln! No dipping, quick drying and a quick turnaround! Yay for you!

Foundations® Glazes are available in a wide variety of colors in Opaque, Matte and Sheer finishes. Use a base (foundation) for other designs. Matte Foundations® create a unique contrast when Stroke & Coat® is added – the matte retains its finish and Stroke & Coat fires glossy. Foundations® Sheer glazes are translucent and are the perfect overglaze for handprints or Designer Liner. Three coats on top of hand or footprints saves you time and creates a beautiful project.

Foundations can be used as a stand-alone glaze or combined with other Mayco products such as Stroke & Coat®, Jungle Gems™ and specialty products to create interesting designs. Mayco Snowfall and Duncan Fired-Snow are the perfect addition to holiday projects! You can also apply Non-Fired snow after firing. Try selling the product by the jar to encourage people to create even more wintry themed projects. What a fun take home project for your customers!

The best way to apply Foundations® is with a large Soft Fan brush that has been fully loaded with glaze. Apply three coats and allow it to dry in after each. Let your customers apply these glazes as part of the decorating process. Foundations® dry quickly so you can fire them the same day. They can be mixed to create your own color and can be applied to greenware or leather hard clay (leave an area unglazed for outgassing as usual). So easy!