Fundraising with Mayco Beads, Medallions and Pendants

Fundraising is increasingly important in today’s world as budgets are becoming re-evaluated and resources redirected. Yet, students’ needs for exposure to art are unchanged. A great way to raise funds and involve students directly with art is to offer custom jewelry. Jewelry is an exciting and fresh fundraising idea! These days, offering something unique that your attendees will treasure is the key to raising money from your fundraiser.

Beading and jewelry making have become a fun hobby to make and wear. Just think of the pleasure your participants will have making these beaded items embellished with bright and vivid colors which the students fashioned using the Mayco bisque beads, medallions and pendants.

Have students paint Beads, Medallions, Drop Flower, Heart and Round Pendants ahead of the event so that the participants will have lots to choose from. They can either use a variety of Mayco glazes or some of our non fired paints such as Softees or Magic Metallics.

Invite a local bead artist to assist with the event. They can aid in the designing and give instruction on how to construct and finish the items of choice.

For pricing, charge a flat fee for the project and give a limit of how many beads to choose from or charge a “per piece” fee. Include the clasp and chain/rope to finish their masterpiece. Have kits made up in advance as well. It makes deciding what to create that much easier for the attending crafter.

Here are a few suggestions on items to make. Perhaps have some samples of each below on hand for suggested projects.

  • Keychain, necklace, earrings, bracelet, bookmark, fan pulls, sunglass embellishments.
  • Or use a stretch band for unique napkin rings.

Put the fun back in fundraising. You’re sure to create lots of interest and have a successful fundraiser using this new innovative fundraising idea.

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