Easter Sheers

The Easter color palette has always included subtle pastel tones, found on everything from home décor items to clothing. Foundation Sheers are available in several translucent shades, provided tints of color on your work.

Sheers are intermixable - if you don't find the exact shade you want try blending colors.

Sheers can be thinned with water to make them dipping glazes - and more translucent. The projects below demonstrate how Sheers can be thinned to produce gently dyed colors.

The general directions for thinning Sheers: 1 part water to 16 parts Sheers (If using pints: that's a pretty easy calculation now, isn't it?)

Marbleized Egg Dishmarbleized_dish

The marbleized effects are created by dragging a straight pin (or similar object, i.e., toothpick) through the wet glaze.

Colors will lightly blend, but distinct swirls of color will be preserved.

Dyed BunniesDye_Your_Hare__4d9337d1b1006

Forget the Easter eggs - we're dipping bunnies this year!

Thinned Sheers are placed in small dipping containers and the bunnies are dipped much like one would do with Easter eggs.

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