Element Bamboo Tray

Bamboo is an integral part Asian life, especially Chinese culture. Bamboo symbolizes so many things to the Chinese such as grace, strength but resiliency, the Spirit of Summer - to name a few (The following article provides a balanced and broad spectrum of meaning for bamboo: Bamboo as a Symbol).

In our featured project the simple and graceful tray displays the Elements™ glazes, revealing the many hues and tones within the glaze.  Keeping with the simplicity theme, this project needs only 3 easy steps to complete:

  1. Trace on the pattern.
  2. Color in the pattern with Stroke & Coat.
  3. Glaze the plate with two coats of Element EL-131 Turtle Shell.


Watch the video below to learn the technique and enjoy the beauty of this project.


The Elements™ glaze naturally variegates, exhibiting color breaks as it moves. The level of variegation can be influenced by the number of coats applied, combinations with other glazes, body surface textures, kiln atmosphere and temperatures. Elements™ will move - some more than others.

  • Free Flowing Formula - allows glaze to move and variegate - on its own or in combination with other glazes
  • Non-Toxic
  • When applying them over a large surface area we recommend a broad, soft brush, such as a CB-604 #4 Soft Fan Brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated (loaded) and apply each coat in the same direction.
  • Make sure the glaze has dried thoroughly prior to firing. A medium ramp/firing rate is recommended (250°F per hour).
  • An uneven glaze application, the piece’s shape and surface texture can affect the fired finish.
  • Allow the pieces ample room in the kiln for air circulation during firing. A heavily loaded kiln will affect the color and the float within the colors.


Use our "Where to Buy" function to locate studios and distributors that offer supplies and services to help you complete this project.


Create a beautiful display, featuring other bisque, that might inspire your customers to create a home décor setting.  The MB-1237 Flat Tear Drop Vase and the MB-136 Asian Flair Square Bowl would make a nice display.


Element Bamboo Tray MB-1287Bamboo_Decor

Create an entire tabletop display with the ever changing hues of Elements glaze.

No two pieces will be exactly alike due to application.  Enjoy the simplicity of the design and the creation.



Click HERE for project instructions.

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