Wax Resist

The Wax Resist you CAN’T resist!
By Jon Dean

Everything old is NEW again! AC-302 Wax Resist has been a favorite fired accessory for potters and ceramic decorators for years; we have reformulated it to resist better, cleans up easier, and tint it blue for ease of visual application.

In creating projects that use wax, I have found that the creamy consistency makes achieving detail and small areas a breeze. I also noticed that it rinses easily from my brush with no effort, hot water, brush cleaner. Our Mayco Brush Cleaner “can” be used as a prep on the brush (think spraying your pan with PAM before cooking so your food doesn’t stick) but is no longer a necessity. So now I can use my “good” brushes instead of sacrificing an older brush. Just rinse your brush as soon as you are finished with your wax application.

I love that it now has a blue tint so when painting with it I can easily see where I applied it. Most importantly, it repels color when brushing underglaze or glaze or dipped glaze is applied over it. Potters are going to love it’s superior performance for waxing the foot on thrown pieces before glazing! It remains one of 2 brushable resist products in the Mayco line.

The other resist product is AC-303 Liquid Mask. Some do get confused as to when and how to use each product.  Here’s my example on how to remember which resist is which. What do you have in your home that is made of wax? Candles, right? What do you do with candles? You burn them. So remember when using was resist it must be “burned” off in the kiln. When you hear the words Liquid “Mask”, think of “masking” tape. You would have to peel off the tape from your project prior to firing it. So you would remove the Liquid Mask before firing. If you are already a fan of utilizing wax in your fired art projects or if you are just discovering it for the first time, you are going to LOVE this new version.

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