Greenware Carving

Greenware Carving
by Ceramics On The Fox

gourd2A hallmark of successful businesses and/or artists is their ability to "carve" out a nitch for themselves. The team at Ceramics On The Fox took this saying literally as they have taken the process of greenware carving to a whole new level.

Taking castings from Mayco mold, CD-1147 Chubby Gourd, they have transformed greenware into incredible works of art with amazing detail. Precision cuts, like that of a surgeon, produce delicate details in the wet greenware.

gourd1Many of the designs start out as visions that simply take shape at the artists' steady hand. They have done many custom patterns for just about any occasion or commemorative event.

Whether used as pieces of art or lighted as lanterns, Mayco's gourd molds have never looked so good!

Take a look at the sllide show below for some extraordinary carvings using Mayco mold CD-1146-48 and Clay Magic molds (type in "pumpkin" into the search box) featured in the Sept. 2012 newsletter.