• Mayco Designer Silkscreens are a great and easy way to add intricate detail to your work.
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  • Mayco Flux - SW-401 Light Flux & SW-402 Dark Flux Movement • Interaction • Beauty Mayco's SW-401 Light Flux and SW-402 Dark Flux
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  • 16 new stoneware glazes, including 6 soft mattes and 7 crystals. we also introduce a zinc-free clear that works well
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Stoneware Glaze Palette

Stoneware Classic Glazes

SW-250 White Opal SW-250 White Opal
SW-169 Frosted Lemon SW-169 Frosted Lemon
SW-168 Coral Sands SW-168 Coral Sands
SW-206 Melon SW-206 Melon
SW-205 Coral SW-205 Coral
SW-113 Speckled Plum SW-113 Speckled Plum
SW-119 Cinnabar SW-119 Cinnabar
SW-12 Cordovan SW-12 Cordovan
SW-183 Oxblood SW-183 Oxblood
SW-177 Raspberry Mist SW-177 Raspberry Mist
SW-251 Pink Opal SW-251 Pink Opal
SW-143 Abalone SW-143 Abalone
SW-165 Lavender Mist SW-165 Lavender Mist
SW-134 Eggplant SW-134 Eggplant
SW-125 Purple Mist SW-125 Purple Mist
SW-254 Grey Opal SW-254 Grey Opal
SW-166 Norse Blue SW-166 Norse Blue
SW-211 Glacier Blue SW-211 Glacier Blue
SW-252 Blue Opal SW-252 Blue Opal
SW-207 Chambray SW-207 Chambray
SW-101 Stoned Denim SW-101 Stoned Denim
SW-123 Sapphire SW-123 Sapphire
SW-100 Blue Surf SW-100 Blue Surf
SW-212 Peacock SW-212 Peacock
SW-201 Turquoise SW-201 Turquoise
SW-167 Sand & Sea SW-167 Sand & Sea
SW-253 Green Opal SW-253 Green Opal
SW-108 Green Tea SW-108 Green Tea
SW-121 Smoke SW-121 Smoke
SW-184 Speckled Toad SW-184 Speckled Toad

Stoneware Gloss Glazes

SW-501 White Gloss SW-501 White Gloss
SW-502 Yellow Gloss SW-502 Yellow Gloss
SW-503 Orange Gloss SW-503 Orange Gloss
SW-504 Red Gloss SW-504 Red Gloss
SW-505 Purple SW-505 Purple
SW-506 Bright Blue Gloss SW-506 Bright Blue Gloss
SW-510 Blue Gloss SW-510 Blue Gloss
SW-507 Bright Green Gloss SW-507 Bright Green Gloss
SW-509 Dark Green Gloss SW-509 Dark Green Gloss
SW-508 Black Gloss SW-508 Black Gloss

Stoneware Crystal Glazes

SW-115 Midnight Rain SW-115 Midnight Rain
SW-116 Robin's Egg SW-116 Robin's Egg
SW-117 Honeycomb SW-117 Honeycomb
SW-118 Sea Salt SW-118 Sea Salt
SW-146 Aurora Green SW-146 Aurora Green
SW-147 Moonscape SW-147 Moonscape
SW-148 Lime Shower SW-148 Lime Shower
SW-150 Celadon Bloom SW-150 Celadon Bloom
SW-151 Olive Float SW-151 Olive Float
SW-152 Blue Splatterware SW-152 Blue Splatterware
SW-153 Indigo Rain SW-153 Indigo Rain
SW-154 Shipwreck SW-154 Shipwreck
SW-155 Winter Wood SW-155 Winter Wood
SW-156 Galaxy SW-156 Galaxy
SW-170 Blue Hydrangea SW-170 Blue Hydrangea
SW-171 Enchanted Forest SW-171 Enchanted Forest
SW-176 Sandstone SW-176 Sandstone
SW-179 Muddy Waters SW-179 Muddy Waters
SW-180 Desert Dusk SW-180 Desert Dusk
SW-181 Night Moth SW-181 Night Moth

Stoneware Matte

SW-141 White Matte SW-141 White Matte
SW-106 Alabaster SW-106 Alabaster
SW-161 Yellow Matte SW-161 Yellow Matte
SW-138 Lemon Meringue SW-138 Lemon Meringue
SW-163 Soft Red Matte SW-163 Soft Red Matte
SW-162 Pink Matte SW-162 Pink Matte
SW-158 Lilac Matte SW-158 Lilac Matte
SW-136 Weathered Blue SW-136 Weathered Blue
SW-105 Frost Blue SW-105 Frost Blue
SW-159 Blue Matte SW-159 Blue Matte
SW-109 Capri Blue SW-109 Capri Blue
SW-160 Chartreuse SW-160 Chartreuse
SW-135 Wintergreen SW-135 Wintergreen
SW-164 Satin Patina SW-164 Satin Patina
SW-172 Macadamia SW-172 Macadamia
SW-124 Matte Maycoshino SW-124 Matte Maycoshino
SW-107 Dunes SW-107 Dunes
SW-173 Amber Quartz SW-173 Amber Quartz
SW-145 Tea Dust SW-145 Tea Dust
SW-175 Rusted Iron SW-175 Rusted Iron
SW-174 Leather SW-174 Leather
SW-144 Lava Rock SW-144 Lava Rock
SW-104 Black Walnut SW-104 Black Walnut
SW-182 Antique Brass SW-182 Antique Brass
SW-111 Wrought Iron SW-111 Wrought Iron
SW-137 Storm Grey SW-137 Storm Grey
SW-142 Gray Matte SW-142 Gray Matte
SW-140 Black Matte SW-140 Black Matte

Stoneware Clear & Specialty Glazes

SW-149 Crackle White SW-149 Crackle White
SW-001 Clear SW-001 Clear
SW-002 Matte Clear SW-002 Matte Clear
SW-003 Crackle Matte Clear SW-003 Crackle Matte Clear
SW-004 Zinc Free Clear SW-004 Zinc Free Clear
SW-401 Light Flux SW-401 Light Flux
SW-402 Dark Flux SW-402 Dark Flux
SW-403 White Mudcrack SW-403 White Mudcrack
SW-404 Black Mudcrack SW-404 Black Mudcrack
SW-405 Light Magma SW-405 Light Magma
SW-406 Dark Magma SW-406 Dark Magma

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