Bike Rider Can It


Products Used

  • MB-1405 Can It- one Quart
  • SC-12 Moody Blue, SC-15 Tuxedo, SC-6 Sunkissed, SS-81 Shimmering Silver, S-2101 Clear

Decorating Accessories

  • ST-113 Circulate Stamp, AC-310 Silkscreen Medium, DSS-117 Retro, CB-604 Soft Fan, AC-213 Sponge on a Stick, BT-910 Synthetic Sponge

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Hanger, wire cutters, palette knife



Designer: Marcia Roullard


  1. Begin with properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Moisten a clean sponge and wipe bisque to remove any dust. 
  2. Squeeze some SC-12 Moody Blue on to a palette or plate. Using AC-213 Lg. Sponge on a Stick, pull some glaze from the puddle and apply the glaze by tapping on the ST-113 Circulate Stamp. Press to the top edge of the can.
  3. With a sponge remove some of the stamped circles so it is an uneven edge. Remove a section for the bikers head.
  4. Thin SC-12 Moody Blue with water, and with CB-604 Soft Fan, rake over the lip of the can to make the stamped circles appear to be dripping.
  5. Using CB-604 Soft Fan, brush thinned SC-6 Sunkissed onto parts of the cans background.
  6. Place some SC-15 Tuxedo on a palette or tile and sprinkle with AC-30 Silkscreen Medium. Using a palette knife mix color and medium to the consistency of thick peanut butter. If the mix is too thin add more AC-310 Silkscreen Medium or if too thick add more Stroke & Coat. Too thin of a mixture will bleed under the screen and give you a blurred image. Too thick a mixture will make it hard for the product to penetrate through the holes in the screen and give you blank areas in your screen. Place the bike rider from DSS-117 Retro shiny side down, and with your finger, rub the thickened Tuxedo over the screen. Wash gently. (Screen as if the bike rider is going uphill) 
  7. Using CB-106 Script Liner, brush two coats of SC-15 Tuxedo over the wedge shaped hill under the bike. 
  8. Using CB-604 Soft Fan, brush the top and bottom rim with two coats of SC-15 Tuxedo.
  9. Using CB-604 Soft Fan, brush slightly thinned SC-12 Moody Blue to the inside. To get a dripping effect, add water to the brush, and brush to the inside to get the color to run. 
  10. Using Cb-604 Soft Fan, apply two coats of S-2101 Clear to the inside and out.
  11. Stilt and fire to cone 05/06.
  12. Brush SS-81 Shimmering Silver to the rimmed edge of the can, and brush over with water to get the silver to separate.
  13. Brush the Silver on the lower rim, brush with water, and hold the can upside down to get the thinned silver to run in the opposite direction.
  14. Cut a hanger with wire cutters, bend to fit the can, bend in the ends with pliers, and attach to the can. Brush over with the Shimmering Silver.

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