Dotted Boots (S)


Products Used

  • CD859 Small Rainboots Planter
  • SLS01 Stoneware White Casting Slip
  • SW140 Black Matte
  • SW161 Yellow Matte
  • SW159 Blue Matte
  • SW163 Red Matte
  • SW118 Sea Salt

Decorating Accessories

  • CB604 Soft Fan
  • CB106 Script Liner

Miscellaneous Accessories


Designer: Marcia Roullard


  1. Begin by casting CD859 using SLS01 - Stoneware White Casting Slip (download Casting Instructions for reference).
  2. Soft Bisque fire to shelf cone 04.
  3. Thin slightly SW140 Black Matte, pour to the inside of the boots, turn to coat, pour out the excess, drain.
  4. Use a circle punch to create various sizes of circles on the boots, including the top trim and the soles.
  5. Use the CB106 Script Liner to brush two healthy coats of SW140 Black Matte to the circles.
  6. When dry, brush on three heavy coats of SW163 Red Matte to the body of the boots, SW161 Yellow Matte to the top trim and SW159 Blue Matte to the soles, three heavy coats.
  7. Brush on two coats of SW118 Sea Salt to the outside of the boots, recede second coat two inches.
  8. Clean off the glaze from the bottom of the boots, fire to cone 6. Do Not Stilt. 

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