Dark Magma Vase


Products Used

  • Hand thrown - Buff Stoneware

  • SW-177 Raspberry Mist

  • SW-406 Dark Magma

Decorating Accessories

  • CB-618 #8 Soft Fan


todd texturevase2
Designer: Todd Hickerson


1. Apply 3 coats of SW-177 Raspberry Mist to the inside of the vase and as a band on the outside.

2. Apply 3 coats of SW-406 Dark Magma to the rest of the vase, avoiding the bottom.

3. Use a sponge to clean off any glaze that may have gotten on the bottom of the vase.

4. Let dry completely.

5. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 5/6.

Note: Raspberry Mist will be slightly darker if firing to cone 5.