Low-Fire White Casting Slip


Earthenware slip is packaged in 2-gallon plastic bags, 2 gallons per box.




Mayco’s Earthenware Casting Slip is a high-quality casting clay made from a well-balanced formula for plasticity, minimum shrinkage, reliable greenware strength, and easy casting ability. The unfired color is a light grey; fired, the bisque is pure white. The most used firing range is cone 06 to cone 03. Shrinkage: 9 1/2 ± 1.0% @ C/04. Absorption: 12 ± 1% @C/04. Slip is regularly tested using Mayco and competitor’s glazes for fit and performance; no shivering or crazing has been observed. Glazes designed to produce crackle patterns do so flawlessly. Mayco’s Earthenware Casting Slips are AP certified and conform to ASTM-D4236.

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Weight 33 lbs
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