Low-Fire White Casting Slip


Earthenware slip is packaged in 2-gallon plastic bags, 2 gallons per box.

Note (9.24.21): We have made the decision to cease production and sales of our earthenware and stoneware slip indefinitely. Slip is labor-intensive to produce, requires a great deal of valuable manufacturing and storage space, and is more a regional product due to expensive freight costs. We will continue to take orders until October 15 and will manufacture as we can until these orders are filled. We will refer business to other suppliers such as Columbus Clay, Laguna, and Standard, in addition to local suppliers. Contact your nearest Mayco distributor to order. 




Mayco’s Earthenware Casting Slip is a high-quality casting clay made from a well-balanced formula for plasticity, minimum shrinkage, reliable greenware strength, and easy casting ability. The unfired color is a light grey; fired, the bisque is pure white. The most used firing range is cone 06 to cone 03. Shrinkage: 9 1/2 ± 1.0% @ C/04. Absorption: 12 ± 1% @C/04. Slip is regularly tested using Mayco and competitor’s glazes for fit and performance; no shivering or crazing has been observed. Glazes designed to produce crackle patterns do so flawlessly. Mayco’s Earthenware Casting Slips are AP certified and conform to ASTM-D4236.

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