• Mayco Designer Silkscreens are a great and easy way to add intricate detail to your work.
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  • Mayco Flux - SW-401 Light Flux & SW-402 Dark Flux Movement • Interaction • Beauty Mayco's SW-401 Light Flux and SW-402 Dark Flux
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  • 16 new stoneware glazes, including 6 soft mattes and 7 crystals. we also introduce a zinc-free clear that works well
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Enjoy Mayco’s latest colors hot out of the kiln. Sure to fire up your work. 

2019 New Glazes 

SC-98 Slime Time SC-98 Slime Time
SC-99 Char-ming SC-99 Char-ming
SG-703 Speckta-Clear Autumn SG-703 Speckta-Clear Autumn
SG-704 Speckta-Clear Peppermint SG-704 Speckta-Clear Peppermint
CG-997 Seafoam CG-997 Seafoam
EL-148 Smoked Lilac EL-148 Smoked Lilac
EL-149 Lavender Flower EL-149 Lavender Flower
EL-212 Spotted Walnut EL-212 Spotted Walnut
EL-213 Painted Desert EL-213 Painted Desert

A strong addition to our classic, matte and crystal Stoneware glazes! Rusted Iron displays the perfect semi-matte, rusted surface with colors of metallic oranges and brown. Sandstone uses SW-172 Macadamia, a very popular glaze from last year's release, as its' base with the addition of crystals that melt into a variety of blue and purple shades. Raspberry Mist is bold and bright with shades of dark and light pink. Fool's Gold has tiny, gold metallic flecks in a rich brown base. All AP Non-toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe. Available in Pints and Stoneware Dry 5 lbs bags.

Introducing a collection of highly-pigmented gloss glazes, inspired by the popular Fiestaware colors. The stable qualities of these glazes make them ideal for design work and full opaque coverage at mid-range and high temperatures. These glazes will be available in Pints and Stoneware Dry 5 lbs bags. AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe.

We are seeing texture everywhere and predicting these highly-textured glazes to be a showstopper at NCECA this year. The two Mudcrack glazes form a raised, cracked surface and the two Magma's create a rough, cratered surface that becomes thicker with an additional application. These glazes will be available in Pints only. AP Non-Toxic, but not recommended for dinnerware due to the surface.

SW-175 Rusted Iron SW-175 Rusted Iron
SW-176 Sandstone SW-176 Sandstone
SW-177 Raspberry Mist SW-177 Raspberry Mist
SW-178 Fool's Gold SW-178 Fool's Gold
SW-501 White Gloss SW-501 White Gloss
SW-502 Yellow Gloss SW-502 Yellow Gloss
SW-503 Orange Gloss SW-503 Orange Gloss
SW-504 Red Gloss SW-504 Red Gloss
SW-505 Purple Gloss SW-505 Purple Gloss
SW-506 Bright Blue Gloss SW-506 Bright Blue Gloss
SW-507 Bright Green Gloss SW-507 Bright Green Gloss
SW-508 Black Gloss SW-508 Black Gloss
SW-403 White Mudcrack SW-403 White Mudcrack
SW-404 Black Mudcrack SW-404 Black Mudcrack
SW-405 Light Magma SW-405 Light Magma
SW-406 Dark Magma SW-406 Dark Magma

A Fun Take on Clear Glaze!
Introducing our newest Specialty Glaze product, Speckta-Clear Star Dust (SG-701) and Speckta-Clear Celebration (SG-702). Speckta-Clear functions as a high-gloss clear glaze with the added surprise of specks! With only one coat on a glazed background, Speckta-Clear provides a pleasing compliment or contrast of shiny specks reflecting light or a combination of colorful specks. Designed to be used at cone 06, this clear glazes can be used for all over coverage or in design with Stroke & Coat, Foundations, Fundamentals, and other Mayco glazes. Star Dust works well over chrome-tin pigments and remains stable and non-moving at low fire temperatures. May fire to higher temperatures, but we recommend testing first.

SG-701 Star Dust SG-701 Star Dust
SG-702 Speckta-Clear Celebration SG-702 Speckta-Clear Celebration

Five new Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes with a POP of color.

CG-992 Mint Chip CG-992 Mint Chip
CG-993 Lavender Sprigs CG-993 Lavender Sprigs
CG-994 Field and Flowers CG-994 Field and Flowers
CG-995 Foggy Mist CG-995 Foggy Mist
CG-996 Spring Rain CG-996 Spring Rain

Six new colors inspired by nature. 

EL-142 Grass EL-142 Grass
EL-143 Cactus Flower EL-143 Cactus Flower
EL-144 Dark Amethyst EL-144 Dark Amethyst
EL-145 Ginger Root EL-145 Ginger Root
EL-146 Rain Cloud EL-146 Rain Cloud
EL-147 Creek Bed EL-147 Creek Bed

2018 stoneware glaze kit

Order your 2018 Stoneware Glaze kit today! The kit includes Mayco's 10 new Stoneware glaze colors, Dark Flux and Light Flux in a 4oz discovery size! Great for testing on your clay bodies and trying new combinations.

Three stunning mattes, five colorful, semi-opaque gloss glazes and two Stoneware Crystals that burst and bloom with color. Also introducing a Dark Flux to enhance movement!

Our new Stoneware glazes are beautiful on their own or you can achieve incredible finishes with a simple, two-glaze combination. Stoneware Glaze Combinations Gallery


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