Olivia Snyder

Olivia is an enthusiastic artist whose Instagram feed is full of colorful crystal shards, playful mushrooms and other magical designs. Her use of an airbrush with Stroke & Coat is what really caught our eye. And those stunning vibrant mosaic swirls! Olivia is not afraid to layer on the bright colors and we love how it makes her work stand out! All of Olivia’s bisque is ^04 and all the items pictured were fired at ^06 for glaze in a Skutt Electric Kiln. Do not spray glazes in a home studio unless you have separate ventilation and a designated vent booth. Olivia uses a proper respirator for outdoor airbrushing.

Interview with Olivia Snyder

Mayco: Please tell us about yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today?

Olivia: I am the product of two hippie brewers that met in Moracco in the ’70s and have been drawing ever since I could pick up an implement to do so. My schooling started out in graphic design, and I graduated with a BFA in printmaking, all the while doing web design and face painting to earn extra income. Fast forward, I took a job at the second Color Me Mine to open in Texas, never having been exposed to pottery or clay before. I fell in love with ceramics and took my savings intended for an etching press, and bought a kiln with the help of my boss and a used kickwheel, set up my home studio and have never looked back.

How would you describe your style of work, the materials you use and how you’re inspired?

I would describe my style as a glittery rainbow explosion. I enjoy using earth tones (I think I have more greens than any other glaze color) but bright colors and sparkles are so much fun! In my pottery, I have fun making a lot of my own tools. I recently learned how to model things for 3D printing so THAT has introduced an amazing component to my sprig molds. In my canvas painting, I use TONS of glitter. Gosh, I get inspired by so many things, but nature, being in nature inspires me: I try to capture the magical parts of nature in my own work, which is funny, considering what an important tool my computer is in almost all aspects of my work.

What are you favorite Mayco products to use? How do these products show off your work?

I started out using Color Me Mine glazes, which are Mayco’s colors, so I love those. They’re so versitile: I can do the tie dye look on my crystals, bubbles, the swirly mosaics on a faerie house, airbrush them on, etc. When you guys came out with the screen printing medium, I was excited; I had already tried screen printing on plaques for my boss at the shop without the medium, and it was super tricky! Right now I have some cups with custom screens of crystals I draw on an 30 year old Mac program called CricketDraw.

If you could make your work anywhere, where would you be and why?

Oh man, I would be in my monolithic dome dream studio in Hill Country in Texas. I’ve lived in this state my whole life, and I have my Texan pride. It’s the best state, and there’s such a cool pottery community hiding in all the little towns peppering the middle of Texas.

Any hidden talents?

I’m ambidextrious. I often switch hands while painting, thought I have preferences when eating and drawing.

What 3 famous people, living or dead, would you want at your fantasy dinner party?

Mike Stoklasa, Jean Auel, and Weird Al Yankovic. Internet movie critic, prehistoric fiction book author, and comedy musician/music video producer all at one table? I don’t even have to invite my political fantasy entourage to be regailed by interesting stories all evening!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Haagen-Dazs Coffee. I always sit down to just eat a scoop or two and before I know it the entire pint is gone. I swear I don’t know how it happens.