About Us

America’s Finest Colors since 1954

Mayco Colors is one of the world’s leading producers of quality ceramics products. Founded in 1954, our company has been serving artists of all levels and backgrounds ever since. Our team consists of manufacturing personnel with over 40 years of service, former owners of paint-your-own-pottery, clay, and traditional studios, art educators with active teaching certificates, and recent Fine Arts graduates from several area colleges. Ceramics isn’t just our job—it’s what we went to school for, it’s what we do in our free time, and it’s the art form we admire above all else.

What makes Mayco special is that the artists we provide supplies for are just as diverse and passionate as the people making them. We serve a broad community of educators, hobbyists, teachers, and professionals. To serve our mixed market, we make a wide variety of art supplies such as fired ceramic glazes, earthenware and stoneware bisque, non-fired products, brushes, and decorating accessories. We listen to our customers and pay attention to the trends to make sure we truly can offer the best products possible. Along with our commitment to product quality, we offer inspiration, education, and technical service to our consumers.


In November 2020, Mayco acquired the ceramic color division of Duncan Enterprises. Duncan Enterprises was founded in 1946 by Erma Duncan, a talented artist whose fired-art creations earned national recognition beginning in the early 1900s. Her passion for quality, reliability, and innovation has made the Duncan brand a leader in the Ceramic Arts industry for 75 years; a legacy that Mayco is honored to continue. The next chapter of Duncan is represented with the Best of Duncan fired assortment, comprised of the most popular Duncan glazes and specialty products. The Best of Duncan fired and non-fired assortments are manufactured, sold, and marketed through Mayco’s established worldwide distribution network. Click here to read the press release. 

Our Mission

While many things have changed over our 60 years in business, our founding principle has remained consistent. We are committed to producing the highest quality products, at an affordable price, on which all consumers can depend. But we are more than just a manufacturer.

Our mission is to ignite creativity and inspire ceramic artists of all levels of expertise.

Meet Our Team


Our team of ceramic engineers are committed to using high quality raw materials to create a consistent, high quality product at an affordable price. Every batch of glaze is tested by our engineering staff, prior to being released to bottling. The tests include comparing the fired results against standard for color and finish, specific gravity and viscosity ensure consistency from jar to jar.


Our production team consists of labels, milling, bottling, and assembly. The team ensures that all products meet quality standards.

Design, Sales & Marketing

Our design, sales and marketing team includes a diverse team of ceramic practitioners so that our consumers have a voice in the development of new products, marketing programs and education.

Technical Support

We stand behind our products and we are committed to providing direct support to consumers. Have a question about one of our products, or need help with a project? Call or Email the Technical Support team and we will be glad to help.



Mayco Family

Mayco is currently owned by Colleen Carey Brennan and her husband, Kevin. Colleen joined Mayco in the early-90s as the Controller and was promoted to CFO, COO and then CEO in 2001. In 2011, she and her husband purchased the company from Bob Umhoefer (at 100 years of age) and his investment partner, Seneca Capital. Mayco is a family business in every definition as several family members work at Mayco including daughter in law Elizabeth in Design and son Adam is in Sales/ Customer Service. You might even see her grandchildren in some of the videos – everyone works! But for Mayco, family also includes 55 employees, many of whom have been at Mayco their entire career. Their passion for ceramics, dedication to our consumers and commitment to quality in everything we do is unmatched.

Continuing Education

We are more than a global leader in ceramics. We care deeply about the creativity of the individual artist and the ceramic community. That’s why we offer both virtual and hands-on professional development opportunities and educational workshops for teachers, business owners, novice artists, and those who have made art their careers. In addition to attending tradeshows and distributor events, our involvement in the community comes through our philanthropy work as we take deep pride in supporting local artists, businesses, and schools.