Fired Accessories

Which Fired Accessories Are Right for You?

Mayco offers an assortment of fired accessories used to create and protect your surface designs.

  • An “enhanced slip” that is intended to be used to repair and/or be used to add attachments to greenware or bisque.
  • The enhanced formula creates a stronger bond for repairs and attachments.
  • Can be used on bisque to join two pieces together, but is primarily for greenware use.
Clay Mender
  • Repairs damaged, divots and dings on kiln shelves.
  • For the classroom with a ceramics program or a studio, Mayco Kiln Wash is a dream.
  • Will remain effective through multiple firings, increasing the working life of the kiln shelf.
Kiln Wash
  • Used to transfer images from Mayco’s Designer Silkscreens.
  • A thickening agent that, when added to Stroke & Coat®, Designer Liner or Underglazes, creates a “ceramic paste”.
Silkscreen Medium
  • Medium that can be mixed with any water-based ceramic color, fired or non-fired.
  • Colors remain workable longer and is an excellent problem solver in areas where the water system contains contaminants that can affect ceramic color results.
Thin 'n Shade
  • Waterbased coating to prevent color from adhering when glaze is applied to bisque or greenware.
  • Can be applied to unglazed greenware or bisque or it can be applied over previously applied, unfired color.
Wax Resist