Ultra Metallics™ are water-based metallic acrylic paints that have the depth and realism of actual metals.

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Duncan Ultra Metallics™

Duncan Ultra Metallics™ have a lustrous gleam that is always bright and won’t tarnish, and their colors have the depth and realism of actual metals. They can be mixed with each other and with any water-based non-fired color to create additional metallic colors. Ultra Metallics™ paints are self-sealing.

Take your pieces to rockstar status with ultra-hip, super shiny Ultra Metallics™

These gleaming, water-based metallic colors can be mixed with other water-based non-fired colors to create an even wider range of metallic hues … finding your perfect project palette is simple!




General Use

Shake jar and stir well. For solid-color coverage on bisque and other craft surfaces, apply two or more coats as needed, using a soft brush. Thin with water or Thin ‘n Shade if needed.  Wash brushes when finished using Brush Cleaner.

Certified Non-ToxicNot Dinnerware Safe

Duncan Ultra Metallics are Non-Toxic. For ornamental use only.

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Helpful Hints

Brushwork – Ultra Metallics can be applied over any dry non-fired color. When using an Ultra Metallics color over a base color to create designs, detailing, trims or accents, apply one coat with a soft brush. When designing directly on bisque with two or more Ultra Metallics colors, apply two or more coats as for solid-color coverage.

Stenciling – Position stencil on ware and fix in place with transparent tape. Spread small amount of Ultra Metallics color on tile. Dip brush or sponge in color, pounce on clean area of tile to remove excess, then wipe on paper towel. Apply color through stencil with dabbing or light pouncing stroke to create design. Remove stencil when color is dry, then clean stencil immediately before repositioning it on ware.

Sponging – Spread a small amount of Ultra Metallics color on a glazed tile, dip a slightly dampened sponge in color, then blot on paper towel to remove excess. Pounce color over any dry non-fired color with quick up-and-down strokes, allowing background to show through here and there. Varying effects can be achieved by using differently textured sponges or crumpled paper towels, plastic wrap or tissues.

Drybrushing – Dip a soft brush in an Ultra Metallics color, wipe back and forth across a flat brown paper grocery bag, a paper towel or a coffee filter, then drybrush metallic highlights as desired.

As an Antique – Ultra Metallics colors can be used for antiquing dry non-fired colors, including other Ultra Metallics, by thinning with Thin ‘n Shade, preferably a blend of 50% color to 50% Thin ‘n Shade. Brush this mixture over a dry piece that has been decorated with any of the non-fired color products, being certain to work it into all crevices. Before the Ultra Metallics dries, use a soft cloth or facial tissue to wipe back color, following the contours of the pieces. If a lighter finish is desired, dampen a clean cloth or tissue with water and continue removing color from raised areas of the pieces.

Antiquing Ultra Metallics – When dry, Ultra Metallics colors can be antiqued with a Water-Based Antiquing Gel, or with a non-fired water-based color that has been mixed with an equal amount of Thin ‘n Shade. Follow antiquing procedure described above. Seal the piece.

Airbrushing – Thin the Ultra Metallicscolor with Thin ‘n Shade to the consistency of milk (usually 60% thinner to 40% color).

Sealing – While Ultra Metallics are self-sealing, their metallic sparkle can be enhanced by spraying the dry decorated piece with Super Gloss or Clear Gloss Ceramic Spray Sealer. Using Clear Matte, Super Matte or porcelain Spray Sealer will soften the metallic look. For best metallic look, seal piece before applying Ultra Metallics.

Brush Care – Clean brushes with water immediately after use. Give brushes an occasional deep cleaning in a brush cleaner.