Speckta-Clear functions as a high-gloss clear glaze with the added surprise of colored specks!

Cone 06 chips have been fired flat in oxidation on white earthenware body.
Cone 6 chips have been fired flat in oxidation on white stoneware body.

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Specks of Color

Speckta-Clear is a transparent clear glaze with specks that will change the look with different base glazes.

With only one coat on a glazed background, Speckta-Clear provides a pleasing speckled touch.

General Use

Shake well. Apply one even coat to base-coated ware or two even coats to cone 04 (1060 °C) undecorated ware. Allow to dry. Fire to cone 06/05 (999 °C – 1046 °C). May fire to higher temperatures; see cone 6 palette for performance.

ACMI CL Food Safe Dinnerware Safe

Speckta-Clear is AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions.

Available Sizes

Product Features

Gloss Finish

Stable and non-moving gloss clear glaze with colorful speckles.

Decorated or Undecorated Bisque

Apply Speckta-Clear over base-coated ware or directly onto undecorated ware. Use for all over coverage or in design with Stroke & Coat, Foundations, Underglazes, and other Mayco glazes.

Helpful Hints

  • Stable & non-moving at low fire.
  • Broad firing range: cones 06-6. Check “Special Notes” for cone 6 performance.
  • Works well over chrome-tin pigments.
  • Heavy application will develop a hazy finish.

Usage Variations and FAQs

Why did the glaze fire hazy?

Over application will cause a hazy fired finish. We recommend one coat of the Speckta-Clear over other glazes and no clear glaze on top.

Why do the sparkly specs in Star Dust look dark and not metallic?

Star Dust looks best over darker colors to give the contrast between the specks and the background color.

What products work with Specka-Clear?

Stroke & Coat®, Foundations®, Fundamentals™ Underglaze and other Mayco glazes.

Do I need to apply clear glaze over Speckta-Clear?

No, it is a clear glaze with specks of color. It will fire to a glossy finish.

What is the benefit of Speckta-Clear?

The Speckta-Clear line is a transparent glaze with specks that will change the look with different base glazes. It adds a little speck of color to the glaze.