Creative Tools, Clay Tools and xiem tools

Add dimension, detail, and intricate design to your art work with Mayco decorating accessories, creating visual interest and personal expression. We have the basic tools you’ll need for constructing with clay, a wide variety of brushes & writing bottles for glaze application, and many stamps, mats & silkscreens for surface decorating.

Every Project Begins with the Right Tool

Creative Tools & Brushes

Take your project to the next level with crisp, detailed designs! Create design and surface decoration by transferring patterns with color or impressing into wet clay using Mayco Designer Mats and Stamps. Add highly detailed surface designs to your work with Mayco Silkscreens. We have a variety of brushes and accessories specifically designed to be used with ceramic glazes.

Clay Tools

Create interest in your work by using Mayco’s clay tools. Press Tools imprint designs directly into the main project surface and Continuous Design Tools can be used to roll an uninterrupted pattern into clay.

Xiem Tools

Mayco is a distributor for Xiem Studio Tools. Enjoy a wide range tools created for clay and glaze decoration. Choose from Precision Applicators for glaze or slip trailing, Decorative ribs and Art Rollers for adding detail to clay and many other tools to enhance your work.