Astro Gems™ are an underglaze-based textural glaze that contains tiny crystals.

Cone 06 chips have been fired flat in oxidation on white earthenware body.

Astro Gem™

When fired, Astro Gem™ crystals provide jewel-like spots on the matte surface of the glaze. May be applied to both green-ware and bisque.

Crystal Specks Add Layers of Texture

Brush-on textural glaze with jewel-like crystals.

General Use

Stir and shake for 5-6 seconds before use – you’ll want to make sure the crystals are evenly dispersed in the glaze before applying. Apply 3 smooth, even coats to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque using a soft brush, such as a CB-604 #4 Soft Fan Brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated (loaded) and apply alternate coats in a perpendicular direction to the previous coat (helps to evenly distribute the crystals on your surface). Fire to shelf cone 06.

ACMI CLNot Dinnerware SafeFood Safe

Astro Gems are Certified AP Non-Toxic, safe for use by artists of all ages when used according to manufacturer’s directions. Astro Gems are not recommended for dinnerware as they exhibit surface textures such as cracks and crevicesWhile the glazed surface may pass lead & cadmium leach tests, and therefore legally considered Food Safe, attempts to adequately clean the textured surface may cause the underlying porous ware to absorb water and failRecommended for ornamental use only.

Usage Variations and FAQs

How can I create custom colors?

AS-510 White Opal Astro Gem can be tinted using Mayco Underglazes. You may find success mixing stains – always conduct small tests before using on a wider scale. Mayco recommends using the darkest color of the Fundamentals Underglaze as the white will lighten.

What firing and application tips can you provide?

Astro Gems behave much like an underglaze: they remain porous after firing, they do not have to be stilted, etc. However, if crystals are applied to the bottom of a piece they WILL need to be stilted. We recommend that you do not apply crystals to the bottom of a piece as the fired crystals may scratch and mar table tops and other household surfaces. Either apply unstirred Astro Gems to the bottom of your piece (leaving the crystals settled-out on the bottom of the jar) or wipe them away while the glaze is still damp. Avoid heavy application in recessed areas of detailed pieces. Any puddles should be brushed out before the glaze dries. When applying these glazes to bisque allow for more drying time between coats.

How can the fired surface of Astro Gems™ be protected or sealed?

Astro Gems can be treated with a Matte Spray sealer after the project has been fired.