Product Warranty & Freeze Policies

Quality Pledge

All Mayco products are designed and factory tested to meet our standards of quality and performance. We guarantee that every product we ship will perform in accordance with our recommended usage guidelines and we will replace any product that is proven defective because of manufacture at no cost.

Non-Standard Use

It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the suitability of a product for any non-standard use. We strongly recommend the test firing of glazes and/or application techniques new to the user, especially in commercial applications where large production quantities are involved.

Product Warranty

Mayco color products (glazes and acrylics) & most accessory products are manufactured in our Hilliard, Ohio facility. We warranty our color and accessory products for two (2) years from their manufacture date.

Each color product label bears a 7-digit manufacture code, printed above the UPC bar code. The first two digits after the “#” indicate the year of manufacture, the third and fourth digits denote the week of schedule/manufacture, and digits 5-7 represent the batch produced during the given month.

Product warranty claims should be directed to the distributor and/or dealer from which you purchased the product, and you will be required to provide this manufacture code.

Freeze Advisement

Our technical lab regularly conducts freeze/thaw tests on our color and accessory products. We have determined that glazes can withstand numerous freezes without negative results. Acrylics are not quite as durable but can be frozen, thawed and reused.

The following products will not endure freezing:

  • AC302 Wax Resist
  • AC523 Non-Fired Snow

The following product will not freeze but need to be brought up to room temperature before use.

  • OG801 Bright Gold
  • OG802 White Gold
  • OG803 Mother of Pearl
  • OG805 Premium Gold