Matte and Gloss Sealers

Protect your non-fired projects with the clear, protective finish of Mayco and Duncan Brush-On Sealers. 

Mayco and Duncan Brush Sealers

Mayco AC-501 Gloss Brush-On Sealer and AS953 Duncan Gloss Sealer dry to a gloss finish; Mayco AC-502 Matte Brush-On Sealer and Duncan AS954 Matte Sealer dries to a satin matte finish. Brush-on sealers are designed to provide a protective coating under or over dry stains such as Bisque-Stain and Softees acrylics. Sealers are water-based and are water-resistant when dry.


Do not shake. Stir gently to prevent air bubbles. Apply one to two smooth coats with a soft-bristled brush, such as CB-604 Soft Fan. Softer bristles will help eliminate brush strokes and minimize damage to the painted surface beneath. Thin coats will produce the best results.  Thin with water if necessary. Thorough drying in-between coats will minimize brush marks in the final finish. Clean the brush immediately after use with a brush cleaner and warm water. Do not fire. Tip: Brush-On Sealers can also be used over fired underglaze colors as a sealer in place of a fired glaze on decorative objects.

Use with Magic Metallics

Use as a surface primer to enable Magic Metallics™ colors to better adhere to surfaces, such as glass. They act as a protectant when applied over a dry completed Patina finish.

Non-Toxic Not Dinnerware Safe

Both Mayco and Duncan Matte and Gloss Brush-On Sealers are certified as Non-Toxic, safe for use by artists of all ages when used according to the manufacturer’s directions. For ornamental use only.

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