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Mayco Product & Company Updates

Consistency and reliability are important to us.  Whether you’re a teacher putting together a lesson plan, studio planning the next big holiday season events, or a production potter getting ready for a craft show, we understand the importance of knowing when changes are happening and want to keep you in the loop as much as possible regarding product changes or company updates. See below a list of updates from Mayco. If you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to our technical or customer services teams listed at the bottom of this page.

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2022 Updates

Discontinued Earthenware Bisque

May 2, 2022: The following earthenware bisque shapes are discontinued:
MB-117 Ruffle Ware Tea Pot 6/cs
MB-122 Venti Latte Cup 12/cs
MB-123 Pottery Mug 12/cs
MB-145 Loop Handled Mug  12/cs
MB-981 Standing Dragon  6/cs
MB-1093 Football Chips & Dip  6/cs
MB-1311 Owl Ornament  12/cs
MB-1350 Owl Bowl  6/cs
MB-1361 Small Koi  2/cs
MB-1366 Bottle Cap  4/cs
MB-1383 Tiki Cups (set of 2)  4/cs
MB-1409 Seahorse Mug 6/cs
MB-1485 Flower Fairy House 6/cs
MB-1519 Pig Container 6/cs
MB-1520 Cow Container 6/cs
MB-1523 Llama Dish 6/cs
MB-1552 Quirky Frog 4/cs

Duncan Concepts - Change in Classification (3/01/22)

March 1, 2022: Since their introduction, Duncan has always called their Concepts brand an underglaze, which technically it is not due to being frit-based as opposed to clay-based. To our knowledge, Duncan promoted this brand – at least initially- with instructions to apply a clear glaze. However, with the acquisition of Duncan and distribution through Mayco distributors, new consumers are being introduced to this product, thinking it is an underglaze. This causes confusion and sometimes poor or unexpected results, such as having a gloss finish and adhering to kiln shelves. To clarify and educate new consumers, we recently updated the Concept label and our website, removing any reference to the term “underglaze” and begin positioning it as a glaze. The label change will be rolling. Concepts are similar to Mayco’s Stroke & Coat glazes, which do not require a clear, unless 3 flowing coats were not applied.

Stoneware Dry from 5 to 10 lbs bags

March 1, 2022: Stoneware drys are now available as 10 lbs per pack. We believe the 10 lbs. quantities are friendlier to the consumer and recommended when dipping. The 10lbs will remain in the current bag materials for environmental and storage purposes. Any orders moving forward will be in a 10lb unit with the updated pricing as of March 1.

2022 Price Increase

March 1, 2022: Effective March 1, 2022, Mayco will be implementing a modest price adjustment on color, bisque, and decorating accessories The increase is directly attributable to the increase of raw materials, packaging, transportation, and operating costs. Click here to view our product price list.

Discontinued Bisque & Creative Tools

March 1, 2022: The following earthenware bisque and creative tools are discontinued.


MB-122 Venti Latte Cup

MB-146 Tapered Mug

MB-980 Crouching Dragon

MB-1291 Gumball Machine Bank

MB-1531 Mermaid Plaque



ST-106 Summer Days

ST-392 Tickle, Tickle Stamp

ST-125 Wave

ST-128 Zebra Stamp

ST-370 Asian Influence Stamp

ST-129 Mini Fern Stamp

ST-122 Chinese Symbols Stamp

ST-117 Tribal Stamp

ST-379 Totem Blanket Stamp



DSS-0137 Cutesy Animals

DSS-0148 Sea Life 3 – XL

DSS-0140 Southwestern

DSS-0153 Farmhouse

DSS-0117 Vintage/Retro

DSS-0146 Princess and Unicorns

DSS-0115 Dragons

DSS-0124 Music

DSS-0130 Graceful Script

DSS-0161 Woodland Critters

DSS-0156 Llama Drama

DSS-0123 Symbols

DSS-0147 Island

DSS-0157 Under the Sea

DSS-0154 Cute Dragons

DSS-0158 Buggin’ Out

BACK IN STOCK! SC-70 Pink-A-Dot, SC-95 Pinkie Swear, FN-48 Bright Pink

 January 11, 2022: SC-70 Pink-A-Dot and SC-95 Pinkie Swear are now in stock (8oz and Pints only) and FN-48 Bright Pink is in stock (Pints only). SP-270 Speckled Pink-A-Dot is next in line and is expected to be available to order by the end of January. Contact your nearest Mayco distributor to order. 

Overglaze Jar Change

 January 11, 2022: Our overglaze manufacturer is unable to obtain our normal 2gr jar due to the demand generated by the COVID Vaccinations. We are uncertain of when our normal jar will be available. We are moving to a new size jar temporarily (see picture below for size comparison) although the contents will remain at 2gr. This will only affect the overglazes sold in 2gr units: OG801 Bright Gold, OG802 White Gold, and OG805 Premium Gold. Please note, that the larger jar will appear to be short filled but it contains the same amount as the previous bottle and as the label states.

UG-50 Jet Black (Cone 6)

 January 11, 2022: An incorrect pigment was used in the manufacture of Fundamental Jet Black UG050. The low fire (cone 06) results are correct and meet specifications. However, users will get undesirable results (turns brown) if used at mid-range (cone 6) with a zinc-bearing glaze. Please check your stock for lot codes #2142117 and #2144010. Again, this product is fine for use at low fire or if the mid-range customer uses a zinc-free clear. However, if you wish us to replace it, we will be happy to. Contact our technical team at: We apologize for the inconvenience.

2021 Updates

Xiem Tools Studio X-Bevel Clay Cutter

 December 14, 2021: Xiem Tools Studio X-Bevel Clay Cutter (X10108) is unavailable for the foreseeable future.

SW-106 Alabaster, SW-118 Sea Salt, SW-153 Indigo Rain, and SW-155 Winter Wood Slight Color Change

November 5, 2021: Due to the discontinuation of the AmTalc 98, we have had to reformulate SW-106 Alabaster, SW-118 Sea Salt, SW153 Indigo Rain, and SW-155 Winter Wood. Users will notice a shift in the wet glazes (from grey to buff).  but the fired result will essentially be the same, depending on firing temperature, atmospheric conditions of the kiln, application, and underlying clay body.

UPDATE: February 2, 2022: Despite our best efforts, the discontinuation of AmTalc 98 has slightly changed the fired result. Users will notice a slight shift in the fired color result.  Please note that the fired result is dependent on firing temperature, atmospheric conditions of the kiln, application, and underlying clay body. The crystal loading has not changed. See below for the wet glaze color comparison of SW-106 Alabaster and the comparison of fired results on chips.

Discontinued Bisque

September 28, 2021: The following bisque is discontinued.

MB132 Oval Platter

MB135 Asian Flair Mug

MB835 Maisy Cat Bank

MB837 Dizzy Dog Bank

MB840 Mermaid Box

MB842 Precious Pony

MB869 Cupcake Box

MB870 Hand Dipped Ice Cream Cone Box

MB877 Playful Puppies Asst of 3

MB878 Curious Kittens Asst of 3

MB927 Guitar Pencil Holder

MB1026 4″ Vases (4 Designs)

MB1041 Lighted Pumpkin with Light Kit

MB1064 Tray MB1183 Butterfly Cup

MB1226 Wrapped Candy Dish

MB1252 Skull Cup

MB1277 Rocket Bank

MB1285 Big Hoot Box

MB1301 Birds

MB1313 Gingerbread Girl Ornament

MB1318 Ice Cream Cone Cookie Jar

MB1333 Puss In Suit Bank

MB1373 Dancing Sugar Jar

MB1379 Starfish Dish

MB1380 Shell Dish

MB1381 Sea Horse Dish

MB1388 Dancing Creamer

MB1407 Whale Mug

MB1450 Brontosaurus Mug

MB1481 Tree Frog Mug

MB1510 Octopus Dish

Temporary Suspension of Certain Sizes of Products

January 11, 2022 Update: We know that this suspension has impacted some of you more than others. We are working on a plan to re-introduce a limited palette of the top-selling colors sometime towards the end of the first quarter. We will let you know as soon as we have the manufacturing availability and list of products. Again, we apologize for this disruption but hope you understand that this suspension has allowed us to keep more products in stock as we are unable to recruit enough employees to staff all of our bottling lines.

September 20, 2021: We are temporarily suspending production of certain sizes in the following product families:

  • 2oz bottles of Stroke & Coat, Speckled Stroke & Coat, and Concepts
  • 4oz jars of Foundations and Envisions
  • 4oz jars of Clear Glaze Brushing (S2101, C300, NT-BR, IN1001, PB001, SN351)

We believe it is better to be stocked in all colors of some sizes rather than some colors in all sizes. We currently have an inventory of these sizes, especially the holiday colors, and will continue to sell them until we run out.

Temporary Suspension of Certain Molds

September 20, 2021: We are temporarily reducing the number of molds available to order. Focusing on the bestselling, newer, and seasonal molds will allow us to turn molds orders faster by operating more efficiently. Click here to view the list of available/unavailable molds. We will reevaluate the manufacturing suspension of the glaze sizes and molds in the first quarter of 2022. Our hope is that things will be back to normal by then and we can resume production for all SKUs.

No Longer Manufacturing and Selling Slip

September 20, 2021: We have made the decision to cease production and sales of our earthenware and stoneware slip indefinitely. Slip is labor-intensive to produce, requires a great deal of valuable manufacturing and storage space, and is more a regional product due to expensive freight costs. We will refer business to other suppliers such as Columbus Clay, Laguna, and Standard, in addition to local suppliers.

Additional Questions?

For technical or product support, please reach out to Mayco’s technical team. All other inquiries, please contact Mayco customer service.