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Mayco Product & Company Updates

Consistency and reliability are important to us.  Whether you’re a teacher putting together a lesson plan, studio planning the next big holiday season events, or a production potter getting ready for a craft show, we understand the importance of knowing when changes are happening and want to keep you in the loop as much as possible regarding product changes or company updates. See below a list of updates from Mayco. If you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to our technical or customer services teams listed at the bottom of this page.

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2024 Updates

2024 Discontinued Items

January 5, 2023. The following products will be discontinued beginning January 1, 2024.

Discontinued Sizes: 

  • SW003G – Gallon size only
  • EZ037P – Pint size only

Stoneware Bisque

  • SB111 Handled Bowl
  • SB115 Augratin Dish
  • SB122 Soup Bowl w/Handles
  • SB128 Tumbler
  • SB136 Todd Mug
  • SB141 Wide Rim Soup Bowl
  • SB143 Mini Loaf Pan
  • SB145 Pint Jug

Earthenware Bisque

  • MB868 4″ Ornament Ball
  • MB1104 Go Truck MB1329 Snail Planter – will be rereleased as a smaller version
  • MB1331 Owl Planter – will be rereleased as a smaller version
  • MB1367 Shark Bite
  • MB1473 Vintage Snowman
  • MB1489 Hedgehog Planter
  • MB1539 Faceted Llama 4/cs
  • MB1575 Faceted Tumbler
  • MB1576 Arched Tumbler
  • MB1578 Knit Mug
  • MB1581 Small Wicker Tree
  • MB1582 Medium Wicker Tree
  • MB1583 Large Wicker Tree
  • MB1584 Heart Angel
  • MB1585 Open Arms Angel
  • MB1586 Small App Plate
  • MB1587 Large App Plate
  • MB1590 Wicker Container

Changes in Item Numbers

For database purposes and consistency on our website, marketing collateral, etc., we will change our item number format to remove all dashes.  For example: SC-1 will be SC001, FN-001 will be FN001, CG-1000 will be CG1000, DSS-1000 will be DSS1000.  This is a rolling change to everything that displays an item number, such as labels, price list, charts, literature, website, accessory inserts, silkscreens, and stoneware bisque labels.

2024 Product Issues

NOTE: If you have any item with the following lot #’s, please contact Mayco technical support ( ) with a photo of the lot #, located above the barcode. 

April 4, 2024: It has come to our attention that UG050 Black, lot #2408060 in 2 oz size only has a viscosity collapse issue and is not up to our standards. While the lot passed our quality control check when manufactured, the glaze became watery in the jar and does not get better no matter how much you shake it.

May 30, 2024: It has come to our attention that SW251 Pink Opal, lot #2411046 in pints is not performing to our standards and color.

June 1, 2024: SW219 Opal Lustre Pints from Lot# 2407077 are developing darker, with less color variation. While technically within spec, it does not meet our high standards for a new product release. We request pints from lot # 2407077 be removed from distributor shelves and consumers contact technical support if they have pints from Lot# 2407077. 

June 28, 2024: SW501 White Gloss lot #2417075 has a viscosity collapse issue and is not up to our standards. While the lot passed our quality control check when manufactured, the glaze became watery in the jar and does not get better no matter how much you shake it.

2023 Updates

Elements Available in Gallons

You asked for it and we listened! EL-159 Emerald Green and EL-161 Bottle Green are now available in gallons! The cost is the same as the FN-219 Lustre Green. Get those Christmas trees ready!

Product Issues

NOTE: If you have any item with the following lot #’s, please contact Mayco technical support ( ) with a photo of the lot #, located above the barcode. 

April 4, 2024: It has come to our attention that UG050 Black, lot #2408060 in 2 oz size only has a viscosity collapse issue and is not up to our standards. While the lot passed our quality control check when manufactured, the glaze became watery in the jar and does not get better no matter how much you shake it.

June 30, 2023: Three lots of SW-140 Black Matte that have white specks in them. The lots that were affected are #2230077, #2244094, and #2301036. The issue has been fixed and we have new product in stock.

June 15, 2023: SW-146 Aurora Green with lot #2242059 is falling out of suspension/separation and doesn’t get better no matter how much you shake it.

June 5, 2023: UM956 Silver Ultra Metallic Acrylic Paint with lot #2235104 is turning hard and chunky in the jar.

October 2, 2023: SC046 Rawhide 8oz Lot #2316036 was mislabeled. SC032 Bluebeard 8oz and Pints Lot #2322043 glaze is too thin.
October 5, 2023: It has come to our attention that the following products are not up to our standards.
  • SC-39 Army Surplus lot #2324060; 2oz, 8oz and Pints
  • SC-45 My Blue Heaven lot #2325041; Pint only
  • SC-75 Orange-A-Peel lot #2325043; Pint only

While all three lots passed our quality control checks when manufactured, we discovered that the glaze started to degrade in the bottle over time. The fired results bubble, mottle, blister, and in some cases, the pigment changes color.

November 2, 2023: CG-1004 Berry Tart 4oz and pints of lot #2326061 fading.

November 15, 2023: EL-158 Pine Needles Lot #: 2301054 in 4 oz and Pints are thickening in the jar but can be reconstituted by adding a little bit of water at a time and mixing before use. The fired results are the same.

Changes to Dinnerware Safety, CL Labels, & Clear Glaze over Fundamentals

February 9, 2023

Products Moving to a CL label: Due to ACMI’s toxicologists taking a more conservative stance on the limits allowed for soluble copper to be considered non-toxic, the below colors will be moving to a health caution label (CL) with the next round of manufacturing.

  • CC-108 China Sea
  • CG-716 Pagoda Green
  • CG-717 Pistachio
  • CG-979 Meadow
  • CG-982 Mixed Melon
  • EL-103 Sea Spray
  • EL-207 Gold Mine

Changes in Dinnerware Safety for Elements: Below is a complete list of the Elements and Elements Chunkies that are not recommended for dinnerware due to updated surface durability testing (this testing is for cone 06 (999C/1830F)). The glazes listed are not recommended for dinnerware use. All other Elements are considered dinnerware safe, even those previously considered unsafe, as they did not react to our surface durability testing.

  • EL-113 Spanish Moss
  • EL-119 Burnished Steel
  • EL-120 Black Ice
  • EL-137 Black Adventurine
  • EL-154 Sea Mist Green
  • EL-155 Holiday Green
  • EL-156 Bluegrass
  • EL-157 Leaf Green
  • EL-158 Pine Needles
  • EL-159 Emerald Green
  • EL-161 Bottle Green
  • FN-218 Green Sapphire
  • FN-219 Lustre Green
  • EL-204 Glowing Embers
  • EL-205 Jade Pebble
  • EL-207 Gold Mine
  • EL-208 Moss Creek
  • EL-209 Night Sky
  • EL-211 Volcanic Glow
  • EL-212 Spotted Walnut
  • EL-213 Painted Desert

Changes in Clear for Fundamentals Underglazes at mid-range Cone 6: Below is a complete updated list of the Fundamentals Underglazes and Designer Liners that are recommended to use with SW-004 Zinc-Free Clear when fired to cone 6. This change is primarily due to some reformulations with chrome pigments. The liquid and fired color results remain unchanged. SW-001 Clear can be used on all other Fundamentals Underglazes and Designer Liner colors not listed at cone 6.

  • UG-021 Leaf Green
  • UG-022 Spring Green
  • UG-198 Dark Grey
  • UG-210 Forest Green
  • UG-232 Olive
  • SG-405 Green Designer Liner
  • SG-406 Brown Designer Liner

2023 Discontinued Items

January 1, 2023: Due to the number of new products we are adding in 2023 and space limitations, we took a hard look at our sales and determined that some products were not meeting our production goals. One of the biggest changes is the discontinuation of 72 Stoneware Dry which does not meet our production goals. The following items will be discontinued on January 1, 2023, or if stock is depleted earlier.’

Just a reminder: Envisions will be discontinued on 2/1/2023. We are manufacturing the colors that will merge into the Mayco palette (Foundations Sheers and Elements) and will advise when available. We would suggest purchasing the Mayco version as soon as it is available.


Jungle Gems

  • CG-988 Fireflies
  • CG-989 Fruit Punch
  • CG-992 Mint Chip
  • CG-995 Foggy Mist
  • CG-996 Spring Rain


  • EL-213 Painted Desert
  • EL-147 Creek Bed
  • EL-148 Smoked Lilac
  • EL-150 Fern
  • EL-151 Deep Water
  • EL-205 Jade Pebble
  • FN-215 Aztec Jade
  • FN-217 Evergreen Fir


  • SG-501 Sculpting Medium

Stoneware Dry

Please note, the liquid pints of the following colors are still available.

  • SD113 Speckled Plum Dry
  • SD116 Robin’s Egg Dry
  • SD117 Honeycomb Dry
  • SD125 Purple Mint Dry
  • SD127 Olivine Dry
  • SD130 Copper Jade Dry
  • SD133 Copper Ore Dry
  • SD135 Wintergreen Dry
  • SD136 Weathered Blue Dry
  • SD137 Storm Gray Dry
  • SD138 Lemon Meringue Dry
  • SD142 Gray Matte Dry
  • SD144 Lava Rock Dry
  • SD145 Tea Dust Dry
  • SD148 Lime Shower Dry
  • SD149 Crackle White Dry
  • SD151 Olive Float Dry
  • SD152 Blue Splatterware Dry
  • SD153 Indigo Rain Dry
  • SD158 Lilac Matte Dry
  • SD162 Pink Matte Dry
  • SD171 Enchanted Forest Dry
  • SD173 Amber Quartz Dry
  • SD174 Leather Dry
  • SD175 Rusted Iron Dry
  • SD178 Fool’s Gold Dry
  • SD180 Desert Dusk Dry
  • SD181 Night Moth Dry
  • SD182 Antique Brass Dry
  • SD183 Oxblood Dry
  • SD184 Speckled Toad Dry
  • SD185 Rainforest Dry
  • SD186 Azurite Dry
  • SD188 Landslide Dry
  • SD210 Emerald Dry
  • SD211 Glacier Blue Dry
  • SD252 Blue Opal Dry
  • SD255 Gray Opal Dry
  • SD502 Yellow Gloss Dry
  • SD503 Orange Gloss Dry
  • SD505 Purple Gloss Dry
  • SD506 Bright Blue Gloss Dry
  • SD507 Bright Green Gloss Dry
  • SD509 Dark Green Gloss Dry
  • SD510 Blue Gloss Dry


  • DSS0119 Designer Silkscreen – Dogs
  • DSS0121 Designer Silkscreen – Fruits
  • DSS0128 Designer Silkscreen – The Farm
  • DSS0129 Designer Silkscreen – Stylized 2
  • DSS0136 Designer Silkscreen – Zoo Animals
  • DSS0151 Designer Silkscreen – Horses
  • DSS0159 Designer Silkscreen – Gnomeland

Earthenware Bisque

  • MB001 Round, Star, Heart Box Set 12/cs
  • MB1163 Rectangle Tray 12/cs
  • MB1512 Handyman Mug – Hammer 6/cs
  • MB1524 Unicorn Mug 6/cs
  • MB1525 Llama Mug 6/cs
  • MB1528 Vintage Convertible 2/cs
  • MB1530 Unicorn Plaque 6/cs
  • MB1532 Flamingo Planter 4/cs
  • MB1533 Mermaid Planter 4/cs
  • MB1534 Unicorn Planter 4/cs
  • MB1541 Camper Mug 6/cs
  • MB1542 Camper Dish 6/cs
  • MB1553 Quirky Monkey 4/cs

Stoneware Bisque

  • SB113 Stoneware 12″ Vase
  • SB114 Stoneware 8” Vase

2022 Updates

Product Issues

NOTE: If you have any item with the following lot #’s, please contact Mayco technical support ( )

November 3, 2022: CG-999 Jazz Notes with lot# 2217054 in 4 oz only was bottled with the wrong color crystal. The CG1000 Mardi Gras purple and blue crystals were used instead of purple, yellow and green.

October 7, 2022: SW-118 Sea Salt with lot #2222083 was bottled with the wrong color crystal. The fired crystal will look bright green instead of sage green.

November 2, 2022: AS964 Duncan No Fire Snow with lot #2201005 is becoming hard in the jar and unusable. 

June 1, 2022: It has come to our attention that SW-144 Lava Rock lot #2131085 was incorrectly labeled and is firing as SW-145 Tea Dust. 

March 3, 2022: It has come to our attention that lot #2201027 of SW-100 Blue Surf and SW-115 Midnight Rain pints contain incorrect pigments resulting in a lighter fired color than our standards. See photo below; left is the correct color, right is incorrect.


January 4, 2022: An incorrect pigment was used in the manufacture of Fundamental Jet Black UG050. The low fire (cone 06) results are correct and meet specifications. However, users will get undesirable results (turns brown) if used at mid-range (cone 6) with a zinc-bearing glaze. Please check your stock for lot codes #2142117 and #2144010. Again, this product is acceptable for use at low fire or if the mid-range customer uses a zinc-free clear.

November 22, 2021: 4 oz Duncan No Fire Snow was mislabeled and has a ‘kiln required’ icon and cone 06 firing instructions.

October 29, 2021: We have discovered a technical issue with two lots of SC-75 Orange-A-Peel. Please check your stock of all sizes for lot codes #2131068 and #2134068. 

September 3, 2021: CG780 Mystic Jade, 4 oz only, lot #2112098 has the wrong crystal in the jar. This product itself is not defective – just not to our standard due to the wrong crystal.

May 18, 2021: SC-18 Rosey Posey lot # 2108062 is defective due to viscosity collapse and water head formation. Sizes include 16oz, 8oz, 2oz.

March 15, 2021: CG977 Ink Spots, 4 oz only, lot #2043052 has the wrong crystal in the jar. The product itself is not defective – just not to our standard due to the wrong crystal. 

December 1, 2020: We have a defective lot of SC-70 Pink-A-Dot due to a batching error. The product will be watery and affects all sizes. Please remove lot #2037083

Duncan Envisions moving to Elements & Foundations / 2023 Discontinuations

August 10, 2023
After announcing last month that the Envisions line will be discontinued on February 1, 2023, we received a number of questions about the future status of individual colors. At Mayco, we pride ourselves on being transparent and want you to be able to plan for the future. We anticipate moving over the below Duncan Envisions glazes into the Mayco Elements and Foundations lines beginning February 1, 2023. Please note the following:
  • Envision colors moving to the Foundations line will be reformulated and color matched into the Foundations chemistry.
  • Envisions colors moving into the Elements line, instead of Foundations, is either due to having a health caution seal (we want to keep the Foundations AP Non-Toxic) or because they do not work with Stroke & Coats in design due to lacing. Those formulas will remain unchanged.
Merging colors will keep the name but will have an EL or FN number. Colors not moving into either line is because of direct matches in place or low sales volume. Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change.
Duncan colors absorbed into Elements (EL) or Foundations (FN):
IN1013 (EL-152) Denim Blue
IN1015 (EL-153) Caribbean Blue
IN1017 (EL-154) Sea Mist Green
IN1019 (EL-155) Holiday Green
IN1036 (EL-156) Bluegrass
IN1037 (EL-157) Leaf Green
IN1603 (EL-158) Autumn
IN1609 (EL-159) Emerald Green
IN1640 (EL-160) Foliage Green
IN1669 (EL-161) Bottle Green
IN1653 (FN-055) Downright White
IN1003 (FN-232) Sun Yellow
IN1005 (FN-233) Ruby Red
IN1011 (FN-234) Royal Purple
IN1018 (FN-235) Celadon
IN1032 (FN-236) Miami Pink
IN1065 (FN-237) Light Turquoise
IN1634 (FN-238) Royal Blue
IN1781 (FN-240) Pumpkin Orange
IN1781 (FN-241) Spiced Cream
The following Envision products will be discontinued in February 2023 due to a direct match in the Mayco Foundations line.
IN1206 Neon Red………….Direct match to FN004 Red
IN1026 Very Black…………Direct Match to FN009 Black
IN1100 White………………..Direct Match to FN001White
IN1056 Aqua Fresca………Direct Match to FN042 Teal Blue
IN1613 Black…………………Direct Match to FN009 Black
IN1204 Neon Orange……..Direct Match to FN003 Orange
IN1075 Cobalt Blue………..Direct Match to FN019 Dark Blue
IN1053 Harvest……………..Direct Match to FN044 Yellow-Orange
IN1058 Clover……………….Direct Match to FN020 Medium Green
IN1062 Light Kiwi…………..Direct Match to FN007 Green
IN1042 Grey………………….Discontinued due to low sales

Discontinuation of Mold Production By Mayco

We have been struggling with our mold production for quite some time due to labor difficulties. This situation has become even more challenging as our plaster mixer requires service almost daily. We can no longer get parts so our maintenance department struggles to find fixes. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue mold production. Please note that this decision was not made lightly but unfortunately, we are limited in the number of challenges we can overcome.

However, we do have good news. Mayco molds will live on!! A Ceramic Shop will be purchasing all of Mayco’s Molds to produce and sell from their Columbus, Ohio facility. A Ceramic Shop is well known in this market as a manufacturer for several other mold lines: Lakeland, Kentucky Pottery, IMD, and Tag, among others. They are also the producer of Doc Holliday Paints and are very familiar with this market.

Mayco will be at the Hamilton Mold Show in September but we will not be taking preorders or selling molds. We are accepting mold orders from distributors until August 1st. However, given our limited staff and undependability of equipment, we may have to transfer business to A Ceramic Shop earlier than planned. Mayco distributors will be able to continue to purchase Mayco molds from A Ceramic Shop. However, there are direct purchasing opportunities as well. If you wish to speak with Bill or Michael from A Ceramic Shop, you can email them at or call at 614.337.9042.

This was one of the more challenging decisions we have had to make, given our commitment to surface design and the slip casting community. While molds were never our largest revenue stream, a significant amount of time and effort has been devoted to them over the 30+ years we have been designing and manufacturing. Our design team will continue to feature Mayco molds (and others!) in our project creation. Long live Mayco Molds!

Upcoming Fired Product Changes (Mayco & Duncan)

July 18, 2022

New glazes: Keep an eye out for some new glazes coming in September. They will be “EZ” peasy to work with. And, we are working on a strong low fire and stoneware color release in Spring 2023! Get your glaze brushes ready!

2 oz Stroke & Coat, Speckled Stroke & Coats and 4 oz Foundations are back in stock!

Mayco & Duncan Clear Glazes: All 4 oz clear glazes jars are discontinued. CN2000 Clear Dipping (Duncan) is discontinued in all sizes as of September 1, 2022.

Duncan Concepts: Due to diminished sales and continued production capacity limitations, Concepts will be discontinued on September 1, 2022. View our conversion chart for a list of color matches in the Stroke & Coat line.

Duncan Envisions: Due to diminishing sales and continued production capacity limitations, Envisions will be discontinued in February 2023. Many of the colors in the Envision palette have direct matches in the Mayco Foundation line. Most of the remaining Envision colors in the Best of Duncan palette will be merged into either the Mayco Foundations or Elements product line. View our conversion chart for a list of color matches in the Foundations and Elements line. (See the updated Envision news above)

Upcoming Duncan Non-Fired Product Changes

July 18, 2022

Duncan Sprays: The Gloss, Satin, and Matte Sprays are discontinued as of July 11, 2022. Our Spray manufacturer has discontinued its private label program.

Duncan Bisq-Stain Acrylics: OS431 White and OS476 Black in 16oz will be discontinued on September 1, 2022. The 2oz and 8oz sizes remain available.

Stamps & Mats Discontinued

July 1, 2022: This year we were given a significant increase (70%) from our Mat and Stamp supplier due to the increase in raw materials, particularly rubber and resin. Unfortunately, this increase would put the price well over what we believe the market would be willing to pay. In addition to the increase, the supplier has had trouble keeping us in stock on our existing designs, causing further shortages. After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue these product lines. Please contact your nearest Mayco distributors for any leftover stock.

Discontinued Earthenware Bisque

 The following earthenware bisque shapes are discontinued:
July 18, 2022
MB-001 Round, Star, Heart Box Set
MB-645 Medium Frog Wall Climber
MB-1368 Splash Bowl
MB-1390 Fairytale Jar – Acorn Cottage
MB-1449 Flamingo Mug
MB-1484 Tree Stump Fairy House
MB-1502 Teapot Fairy House
MB-1551 Quirky Bird
May 2, 2022
MB-117 Ruffle Ware Tea Pot 6/cs
MB-122 Venti Latte Cup 12/cs
MB-123 Pottery Mug 12/cs
MB-145 Loop Handled Mug  12/cs
MB-981 Standing Dragon  6/cs
MB-1093 Football Chips & Dip  6/cs
MB-1311 Owl Ornament  12/cs
MB-1350 Owl Bowl  6/cs
MB-1361 Small Koi  2/cs
MB-1366 Bottle Cap  4/cs
MB-1383 Tiki Cups (set of 2)  4/cs
MB-1409 Seahorse Mug 6/cs
MB-1485 Flower Fairy House 6/cs
MB-1519 Pig Container 6/cs
MB-1520 Cow Container 6/cs
MB-1523 Llama Dish 6/cs
MB-1552 Quirky Frog 4/cs
March 1, 2022
MB-122 Venti Latte Cup
MB-146 Tapered Mug
MB-980 Crouching Dragon
MB-1291 Gumball Machine Bank
MB-1531 Mermaid Plaque

Duncan Concepts Change in Classification

March 1, 2022: Since their introduction, Duncan has always called their Concepts brand an underglaze. However we disagree with this language because technically it is not due to being frit-based as opposed to clay-based. To our knowledge, Duncan promoted this brand – at least initially- with instructions to apply a clear glaze. However, with the acquisition of Duncan and distribution through Mayco distributors, new consumers are being introduced to this product, thinking it is an underglaze. This causes confusion and sometimes poor or unexpected results, such as having a gloss finish and adhering to kiln shelves. To clarify and educate new consumers, we are updating the Concept label and our website, removing any reference to the term “underglaze” and begin positioning it as a glaze. The label change will be rolling. We would ask that distributors and dealers make the same changes in your presentation on your website, shopping carts, etc by classifying Concepts as a glaze and removing any reference to underglaze.

Stoneware Dry from 5 to 10 lbs bags

March 1, 2022: Stoneware drys are now available as 10 lbs per pack. We believe the 10 lbs. quantities are friendlier to the consumer and recommended when dipping. The 10lbs will remain in the current bag materials for environmental and storage purposes. Any orders moving forward will be in a 10lb unit with the updated pricing as of March 1.

2022 Price Increase

March 1, 2022: Effective March 1, 2022, Mayco will be implementing a modest price adjustment on color, bisque, and decorating accessories The increase is directly attributable to the increase of raw materials, packaging, transportation, and operating costs. Click here to view our product price list.

Discontinued Silkscreens

March 1, 2022: The following silkscreens are discontinued.

DSS-0137 Cutesy Animals

DSS-0148 Sea Life 3 – XL

DSS-0140 Southwestern

DSS-0153 Farmhouse

DSS-0117 Vintage/Retro

DSS-0146 Princess and Unicorns

DSS-0115 Dragons

DSS-0124 Music

DSS-0130 Graceful Script

DSS-0161 Woodland Critters

DSS-0156 Llama Drama

DSS-0123 Symbols

DSS-0147 Island

DSS-0157 Under the Sea

DSS-0154 Cute Dragons

DSS-0158 Buggin’ Out

Overglaze Jar & Label Change

 January 11, 2022:We recently updated the Overglazes to have a Mayco branded logo. See the picture on the right for the new label. As a reminder that in January 2021, we announced that our overglaze manufacturer is unable to obtain our normal 2gr jar due to the demand generated by the COVID Vaccinations. We are uncertain of when our normal jar will be available. We moved to a new size jar temporarily although the contents will remain at 2gr (see picture for size comparison). This will only affect the overglazes sold in 2gr units: OG801 Bright Gold, OG802 White Gold, and OG805 Premium Gold. The larger jar will appear to be short-filled but it contains the same amount as the previous bottle and as the label states.

UG-50 Jet Black (Cone 6)

 January 11, 2022: An incorrect pigment was used in the manufacture of Fundamental Jet Black UG050. The low fire (cone 06) results are correct and meet specifications. However, users will get undesirable results (turns brown) if used at mid-range (cone 6) with a zinc-bearing glaze. Please check your stock for lot codes #2142117 and #2144010. Again, this product is fine for use at low fire or if the mid-range customer uses a zinc-free clear. However, if you wish us to replace it, we will be happy to. Contact our technical team at: We apologize for the inconvenience.

2021 Updates

SW-106 Alabaster, SW-118 Sea Salt, SW-153 Indigo Rain, and SW-155 Winter Wood Slight Color Change

November 5, 2021: Due to the discontinuation of the AmTalc 98, we have had to reformulate SW-106 Alabaster, SW-118 Sea Salt, SW153 Indigo Rain, and SW-155 Winter Wood. Users will notice a shift in the wet glazes (from grey to buff).  but the fired result will essentially be the same, depending on firing temperature, atmospheric conditions of the kiln, application, and underlying clay body.

UPDATE: February 2, 2022: Despite our best efforts, the discontinuation of AmTalc 98 has slightly changed the fired result. Users will notice a slight shift in the fired color result.  Please note that the fired result is dependent on firing temperature, atmospheric conditions of the kiln, application, and underlying clay body. The crystal loading has not changed. See below for the wet glaze color comparison of SW-106 Alabaster and the comparison of fired results on chips.

Discontinued Bisque

September 28, 2021: The following bisque is discontinued.

MB132 Oval Platter

MB135 Asian Flair Mug

MB835 Maisy Cat Bank

MB837 Dizzy Dog Bank

MB840 Mermaid Box

MB842 Precious Pony

MB869 Cupcake Box

MB870 Hand Dipped Ice Cream Cone Box

MB877 Playful Puppies Asst of 3

MB878 Curious Kittens Asst of 3

MB927 Guitar Pencil Holder

MB1026 4″ Vases (4 Designs)

MB1041 Lighted Pumpkin with Light Kit

MB1064 Tray MB1183 Butterfly Cup

MB1226 Wrapped Candy Dish

MB1252 Skull Cup

MB1277 Rocket Bank

MB1285 Big Hoot Box

MB1301 Birds

MB1313 Gingerbread Girl Ornament

MB1318 Ice Cream Cone Cookie Jar

MB1333 Puss In Suit Bank

MB1373 Dancing Sugar Jar

MB1379 Starfish Dish

MB1380 Shell Dish

MB1381 Sea Horse Dish

MB1388 Dancing Creamer

MB1407 Whale Mug

MB1450 Brontosaurus Mug

MB1481 Tree Frog Mug

MB1510 Octopus Dish

Temporary Suspension of Certain Sizes of Products

January 11, 2022 Update: We know that this suspension has impacted some of you more than others. We are working on a plan to re-introduce a limited palette of the top-selling colors sometime towards the end of the first quarter. We will let you know as soon as we have the manufacturing availability and list of products. Again, we apologize for this disruption but hope you understand that this suspension has allowed us to keep more products in stock as we are unable to recruit enough employees to staff all of our bottling lines.

September 20, 2021: We are temporarily suspending production of certain sizes in the following product families:

  • 2oz bottles of Stroke & Coat, Speckled Stroke & Coat, and Concepts
  • 4oz jars of Foundations and Envisions
  • 4oz jars of Clear Glaze Brushing (S2101, C300, NT-BR, IN1001, PB001, SN351)

We believe it is better to be stocked in all colors of some sizes rather than some colors in all sizes. We currently have an inventory of these sizes, especially the holiday colors, and will continue to sell them until we run out.

No Longer Manufacturing and Selling Slip

September 20, 2021: We have made the decision to cease production and sales of our earthenware and stoneware slip indefinitely. Slip is labor-intensive to produce, requires a great deal of valuable manufacturing and storage space, and is more a regional product due to expensive freight costs. We will refer business to other suppliers such as Columbus Clay, Laguna, and Standard, in addition to local suppliers.

Additional Questions?

For technical or product support, please reach out to Mayco’s technical team. All other inquiries, please contact Mayco customer service.