Duncan French Dimensions™ are dimensional, raised glazes.

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Duncan's French Dimensions™

French Dimensions™ are dimensional glazes that won’t flatten when fired to cone 06. Use the squeeze bottle with a writer tip makes application super easy and smooth.

Raise your projects up a notch

Use these high-pile glazes for raised design effects like dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines, and over and under non-moving glazes.

General Use

Shake and squeeze the bottle to mix. Cover the tip and shake the bottle downward. Place tip against the ware and pull in lines or make fine dots. If dip gets plugged clean with water. Be sure to replace the cap. Fire to shelf cone 06. Fires matte on bare bisqueware and glossy over Stroke & Coat or with or without clear glaze.

Certified Non-ToxicNot Dinnerware Safe

Duncan French Dimensions® glazes are Non-Toxic but not recommended for dinnerware due to surface texture.

*Applying French Dimensions® over Stroke and Coat® can eliminate adverse surface texture that may be exhibited when applied directly to bisque or under a clear glaze. Please examine the surface for adverse surface texture prior to using it as a dinnerware surface* 

Available Sizes

Helpful Hints

Mixing Colors – You can achieve various colors by mixing Pure White French Dimensions with E-Z Stroke or Concepts colors. To do this, use a safety pin or the curved end of a Cleanup tool to remove the plastic writer tip from the bottle. If the French Dimensions bottle is full, pour out a little before adding E-Z Stroke or Concepts color to tube. Experiment to achieve the desired color. Stir with brush handle or bamboo skewer, then replace plastic writer tip and shake vigorously.

Stained Glass Technique – Outline sketched design on greenware or bisque with Black Licorice French Dimensions. Allow to dry. With greenware, fire to cone 04, then apply glaze colors to various areas of design. For bisque, fire to cone 06.

  • Keep tip clean. From time to time, wipe with a tissue. If tip becomes clogged, use a safety pin to open tip. Test-squeeze over a paper towel before using.
  • To prevent drying of color, keep caps on bottles when not in use.
  • If a gap appears while decorating with French Dimensions, go back and fill it in. The error with mend itself during firing.
  • Use straight pin to level out any air bubbles in the French Dimension line while color is still wet.
  • If color becomes thick add some of Thin ‘N Shade to bottle and mix thoroughly.