Earthenware & Stoneware Bisque

The Mayco forms collection is unique and we like that. When our team begins the process of choosing shapes to design and produce, we look at trends and how consumers use item for functional, novelty, and decor style – in both earthenware and stoneware bisque. We strive to offer forms that stand out in the market and will be enthusiastically received by artists of all ages and abilities. Our passion for innovation, form, and function, attention to detail, and knowledge of home and lifestyle trends help our team make choices that will provide you with shapes that will stand the test of time.

Design Through Innovation, Not Imitation

New Forms

The Mayco design team is relentless in their mission of spotting the latest trends in fashion, color, and home decor. Then, our engineering staff, sculptors and artists create the shapes and projects to inspire our consumers for their next creation. We provide the elements of design – you create the masterpiece. Find new designs for your table, home, garden or to delight the children in your life.

Earthenware Bisque

Mayco’s collection of unique earthenware bisque shapes is on top of the latest in design trends. Whether you’re looking for whimsical pieces or elegant home decor, we have what you need. Mayco has been helping ceramicists and studio owners cultivate their art and grow their businesses through innovative products, education and inspiration for 65 years. Mayco’s earthenware bisque is a pristine white clay body. Bisque has been soft fired to cone 04/03 and designed for use with cone 06/05 low-fire glazes.

Stoneware Bisque

Whether you are a clay novice wishing to experience a midrange glaze, a professional looking for pre-made shapes or you simply want to focus your creativity on glaze work alone, Mayco’s Stoneware bisque is your solution. Mayco Stoneware bisque is a pristine white clay body. Bisque has been soft fired to cone 04-03 and designed for use with cone 5/6 mid-range glazes. Oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.