Non-Fired Snow

AC-523 Non-Fired Snow is a non-fired, water-based, acrylic paste that creates a white three dimensional and snow-like effect on stains or fired glazes. When dry, the texture is mildly porous and slightly coarse to the touch.

General Use

For a smooth, level application: apply with a stiff fan brush. As the product consistency is that of a paste, it can be layered on using a palette knife or similar tools. Brushes used should be cleaned frequently during use to prevent build-up in the bristles.  Clean brushes with warm water and brush cleaner. This product dries quickly. Do not spray apply.

In addition to its use on non-fired work it can be applied on fired glazed surfaces. It can be used over other colors or directly applied to bisque. Non-Fired Snow can be tinted using any Softees® Acrylic Stain or Softees® Pearls. However, if a darker color is desired, apply the Snow first, allow to dry and then apply a top coat of the desired Softees® Acrylic Stain and Softees® Pearls. When applying over gold, apply matte or gloss sealer to area prior to application.


Non-Fired Snow is certified as Non-Toxic, safe for use by artists of all ages when used according to manufacturer’s directions. Recommended for ornamental and decorative use only.

Available sizes