Product Conversions

Use the following product comparisons as guidelines to find a Mayco glaze that is equivalent to a glaze you are using. The intent of this information is to provide a recommendation for color matching, not necessarily to suggest an exact match.

Stroke & Coat and Foundations Conversion

When Mayco created Foundations™ glaze many matched a Stroke & Coat® color. But since then, many Foundations™ colors were created based on requests and trends. This chart helps you determine which Foundations™ glaze matches a Stroke & Coat®.

Discontinued Mayco Products

Includes conversion for Mayco’s 2000 Series.


Includes conversions for Amaco’s Gloss Glazes, (LGs), Gloss Glazes (F Series, Teacher’s Palette Glazes, Teacher’s Choice Glazes, Velvet Underglazes (V), Liquid Underglazes (LUG’s), Alligator Glazes (LT), Artist’s Choice Glazes (A), Crystaltex Glazes (CTL), Old World Crackle (CR), Stone Texture Glazes (ST), Potter’s Choice Glazes (PC), Sahara Glazes (HF), and Celebration Glazes (HF).


Includes conversions for Duncan’s EZ Strokes, Concepts, Concepts Sprinkles, Envision Glazes, Cover-Coat Underglazes, Courtyard Glazes, Designer Glazes, Crystal Glazes, Crackles Glazes, and Renaissance Glazes.


Includes conversions for Gare’s Fun Strokes, Fun Stroke Fleckles, Pottery Glazes, Pottery & Crushed Crystal Glazes, and Surface Coats.


Includes conversions for Speedball’s Underglazes and Gloss Glazes.

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