Retail Education for Studio Owners, Dealers & More

Mayco Creative Studios is dedicated to educating and inspiring key managers and owners of Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) and ceramic studios, mobile studios, dealers and retailers. MCS provides retail education (including selling, merchandising, signage and display ideas), identifies trends, creates projects and provides you with programming and event ideas to help you increase sales. Click our social media links below to follow the Creative Studios Facebook and Instagram pages.


Educational events intended for PYOP staff. We update studios on new product usage, share design and application techniques, discuss best practices for a retail studio and you’ll walk away with great painted samples! Attendees must own or work in a PYOP studio.

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Stoneware Camp On Demand

Are you a PYOP studio owner looking to add Stoneware? Join Crista and Bre to learn everything Stoneware- now on demand! This event is exclusively for PYOP Studio Owners and includes the basics to get up and running with Stoneware.

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Low-Fire Technique Sheets for Studios

Showing customers how to create with the many different techniques can be overwhelming. We have a solution!

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Stoneware for Studios Resources

Adding Stoneware to your studio is a great way to offer a new fired art to your customers. We these guides when selecting colors for your studio.

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Foundations Save Time During the Holidays!

Pre-glaze key shapes such as plates, ornaments, bowls, mugs and picture frames and a few platters with White Opaque Foundations®.

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Vintage Elf Marketing Kit

Its elf season and we’re ready! With vintage colors and shapes topping the list of must have décor this holiday season.

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Implement: Clay Canvas of the Month

Mayco’s Canvas of the Month program was created to help you capitalize on the popular activity of canvas painting while allowing you to keep the focus on fired arts in your studio. Enter…the clay canvas!

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Tips & Tricks for Handprints

Handprints are synonymous with a paint-your-own pottery studio. Gift giving seasons are filled with people wanting to capture prints as a keepsake on pottery.

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The Scoop on Mayco Crystal Glazes

Mayco Jungle Gems™ Crystal glazes allow ceramic artists to easily add bursts of color and design to their fired art. Use them directly from the jar in the decoration style we call “Art in a Jar”.

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Mayco: The Choice for Paint Your Own Pottery Studios

Mayco is the leader in the ceramics industry that helps studios like yours succeed through education, inspiration, technical support and personal knowledge of the PYOP industry.

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Incorporating Stoneware Into Your-studio

One thing that sets your studio apart from other creative outlets in your community is your kiln. The magic of the firing is completely unique! Stoneware allows you to continue sharing the magic of the kiln while providing a new type of project for your customers.

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