Trend Spotting: Texture

Mayco Textures to Use In Your Studio

One of our favorite design trends is texture. This design aesthetic is showing up on everything from vases and tabletop pieces to wall art and clothing. The subtle texture that follows the flow of the form evokes a calm, soothing look, while texture that stands in stark contrast to the shape can add an edgy vibe.  

Textures to watch include wicker, rattan, hammered, fluted, basketweave, palms, greenery, embossed and etched designs. You can transform the overall feel of a shape, not only in how the pieces are decorated, but how it is displayed with other design elements.  

Mayco’s Textured Vases, Mugs and Planters, and other textured shapes hit the mark when it comes to beauty, function, and decorating opportunities. Accentuate the texture of these forms, whether delicate or defined, with a variety of glaze applications. 

  • Decorate pieces of varying textures with similar glaze combinations to create a cohesive look. Simple glaze applications allow the surface texture to stand on its own. Three coats of a Foundations Sheer glaze are perfect for this application. 
  • Create a design with Stroke & Coat and apply with a clear glaze for a vibrant look. To achieve a softer look, apply Foundations Sheers over the design.  
  • Layer one or two Elements glazes to create an ombre effect. For additional interest, sandwich Clear or White Pottery Cascade in between the Elements glazes.  
  • Antique with Stroke & Coat then add vibrant designs to give a piece extra depth and a punch of color. Apply a dark color all over a shape, then remove some with a sponge, allowing the glaze to stay in recessed areas.   

Our newest textured shapes are some of the most unique in the market and we’re excited to see what you create with our six new textured earthenware bisque shapes: three new tumblers and three new mugs! 

  • Faceted Tumbler (MB-1575), Arched Tumbler (MB-1576), Hammered Tumbler (MB-1577) 
  • Knit Mug (MB-1578), Meadow Mug (MB-1579), Retro Mug (MB-1580) 

Mayco Textures to Use In Your Studio

Visit our Project Library and Forms Section on our website to see a variety of textured shapes and glaze applications.

Textural Products

In addition to our textured forms, you can use our Sculpting Medium to a decorative shape such as a vase or planter then add Stroke & Coat on top to create simple designs or a wash of color to enhance the texture. Cobblestone Glazes are perfect for creating a textured surface. A cactus looks extra funky when it has a textured surface. Be sure to consider the piece you are decorating when adding texture since Cobblestone and Sculpting Medium should be used on decorative surfaces. 

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