Non-Fired Colors

Which Non-Fired Glaze is Right for You?

Mayco’s non-fired assortment includes a wide range of colors and finishes with superior performance over craft brands. Softees® Acrylics, Pearls and Magic Metallics™ have creamy, vibrant colors with exceptional coverage.

  • Water-based colors that can be used for solid coverage or detailing
  • Applied directly to bisque or over any of the Softees® Acrylic Stains
Dazzling Metallics®
  • Best of Duncan Non-Fired palette. From translucent and opaque coverage to metallic sheens and sparkly effects, Duncan’s non-fired products and protective sealers are the perfect way to get creative when you don’t have a kiln.
Duncan Non-Fired
  • Water-based acrylics that contain ground metal particles
  • Surface will appear and feel like a metal or rusted surface
  • Can be applied to almost any paintable surface
Magic Metallics™
  • Designed to provide a protective coating over dry acrylic stains and Magic Metallics
  • Gloss or satin matte finish
  • Water-based and water-resistant when dry
Matte and Gloss Brush-On Sealers
  • Water-based, acrylic paste that creates a white physical texture
  • May be applied on fired glazed surfaces or can be used over other colors or directly applied to bisque
Non-Fired Snow
  • A water-based unique formulation that is smooth and creamy – perfect for base coating, brushwork and dry brushing
  • Can be used on ceramic bisque, wood, fabric, plaster, paper, and metal
  • Opaque coverage achieved in one coat
Softees® Acrylics
  • Water-based acrylic that can be used on ceramic bisque, fabric and other craft surfaces
  • Creates a shiny luster finish when dry
  • High luster pearlescent finishes
Softees® Pearls
  • Product kits, Valu-paks, Class Packs – whatever term you use the concept is the same: an assortment of best selling colors at a value price!
Product Kits