Color Your world

Since our company’s beginnings in 1954, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products possible at an affordable price. Our products are formulated for a broad range of users- from the needs of the novice, providing the highest degree of success possible with little knowledge to the experienced artist looking for complexity in design.

All of our color products are manufactured at our factory in Hilliard, Ohio – the product labels proudly state “Made in the USA”. As a member of ACMI (The Art & Creative Materials Institute), our products are reviewed by certified toxicologists of Duke University for appropriate labeling and undergo rigorous testing to insure consumer health and safety. Most of our products are certified AP Non-Toxic, safe for artists of all ages.

Let us be part of your next creation

Fired Colors

Mayco’s extensive fired color glaze assortment includes numerous product lines with a wide variety of colors, finishes, performance characteristics, and textures for firing range from cone 06 to cone 10 in a kiln as well as overglazes.

Fired Glaze Combinations

Artists can achieve incredible finishes with a simple combination of two glazes. Get inspired with Mayco’s cone 06, 6, and 10 glaze combinations. Use colors within the same product family or combine for stunning results and endless possibilities.

Non-Fired Colors

Mayco’s non-fired products include a variety of colors and finishes with superior performance over craft brands. Create a truly unique surface with Softees Acrylic Paint line or with Magic Metallics, a water-based acrylic that oxidizes due to real metal in the formula. Mayco’s non-fired products do not require a kiln for your work of art.

Fired Accessories

Mayco offers an assortment of products used to create additional interest and protect your surface designs.

Product Kits

Product kits, Valu-paks, Class Packs – whatever term you use the concept is the same:  an assortment of best selling colors at a value price!