Implement: Clay Canvas of the Month

Capitalize on the Popularity of Canvas Painting

Capitalize on the popular activity of canvas painting while allowing you to keep the focus on fired arts in your studio. Enter…the clay canvas!

We agree that diversification is good, but also realize that your kiln is what makes your studio unique from other art/craft activities in which your customers may engage. Clay canvases may be hung on a wall easily or even framed for a more traditional look. The look of a clay canvas itself is different which is enticing to customers.

For those that wish to embark on one of the hot trends in design, try mixed media projects. In a camp environment, you can paint a canvas one day then embellish it after firing another day. You could even turn the canvas backward and decorate it as a shadow box.

We provide a project image that you can download from our website, supply list and marketing ideas for each project. Projects are posted on our website two months in advance of the seasonal painting time. Of course, you can use the projects anytime!

To help promote your workshops or featured projects, be sure you set up roadblocks or speed bumps in your studio. These areas are meant to slow customers down so they’ll notice something specific. Have painted samples, bisque and pertinent info. Props (such as fabric, flowers, umbrellas, beach balls, etc.) that go along with the product or event add interest to the display.

Promotions are best received when the information is seen by viewers at least times. So, be sure to talk about your Clay Canvas program in your newsletters, on your social media pages and in the studio. Good old bag stuffers and signage still work in the studio. Try placing a sign inside the bathroom on the door – its a good way to reach a captive audience!

When you run the event, be sure that everyone has all of their supplies before you begin. Teaching step-by-step in a relaxed mode helps people to slow down and really enjoy the process of painting. Between steps attendees can chat, sip wine (or coffee) and enjoy time together.

Be sure to post pictures from your class on social media and share quotes in your newsletter. You can even add on to the event by having people come back to embellish the clay canvas with ribbon on the edges, buttons, fabric and more. Wooden frames add even more polish to a finished piece! Have fun and relax knowing that your customers are creating a work of art they can hang on their wall.