Mayco-ver Conversion Program for PYOP Studios

It's time for a Mayco-ver!

We invite pyop (paint your own pottery studios) to join the Mayco family by converting to Stroke & Coat® from another glaze company! Vibrant colors, unparalleled coverage, and versatility make Stroke & Coat® the glaze of choice for paint-your-own-pottery studios.

how it works

  • Switching to Mayco from another glaze company is easy
  • We’ll send up to 100 bottles of Mayco Stroke & Coat® in 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottles*
  • You’ll also receive a welcome kit that includes a selection of other Mayco glazes, exclusive new projects, instructional videos, and more!
  • Keep and use up your existing color from the other glaze company. No need to pack it up and send it to us.

*One-time offer and is not a bottle-for-bottle switch. Not to be used for new studios or existing Mayco studios.

why mayco?

Mayco is family-owned and serves a broad community of artists in the ceramic industry. With over 150 distributors, you can easily get your glaze where it is most convenient for you! All Mayco glazes are made in the USA and tested for consistency.

We provide:

  • The industry’s best technical support
  • Non-stop education
  • Extensive project library
  • Award-winning event programming
  • Guidance for best practices

why stroke & coat®?

  • Created with PYOPs studios in mind
  • Compatible with earthenware bisque, clay, and stoneware
  • Create intricate designs, watercolor, all-over coverage & a variety of techniques
  • Easily intermixable to create a custom color palette
  • Alter your design with 1, 2 or 3 coats of color
  • Solid coverage with just 3 coats (thicker viscosity = better coverage!)
  • Bottles are overfilled giving you even more for your money!
  • Fires glossy without clear glaze

Ready to switch?

Mayco is more than a company that creates amazing glazes and innovative techniques. We’re a leader in the ceramics industry that helps studios like yours succeed and we have the experience to back it up! As a former studio owner, Crista Toler has hands-on experience in the market and works with studios daily to set them up for success. Crista understands what it is like to be in your shoes.

So what do you say… Isn’t it time for a Mayco-ver?

Contact Crista, Mayco’s Studio Market Manager at to make the switch to Mayco Stroke & Coat® today!


Hear it straight from your peers why Stroke & Coat® is the glaze of choice for paint-your-own-pottery studios!

Stroke & Coat® - The Glaze of Choice