Cocktail Party Event Guide

Cheers to Cocktail Party Events!

There is a new DIY option for most every taste these days including plant/floral arranging, candle pouring, mixology, fragrance bars, scavenger hunts, maker spaces, and dessert making. Did someone say cocktails? Level up your studio offerings by hosting an event during which customers create clever cocktails along with working with ceramics. The perfect twist to an event… a cocktail party!

Mayco’s new Textured Tumblers are perfect for a creative cocktail event. Partner with a local mixologist to share cocktail or mocktail recipes and do a tasting. Be sure to check your local laws for rules on alcoholic beverages. Mocktails are big these days so keeping them simple (no alcohol) is both trendy and tasty. During the event, you can show simple decorating techniques such as creating an ombre design, antiquing or glaze layering.

One way to host such an event is to create a two-part event. Customers glaze their tumblers one week and meet again the next week to taste the drinks they concoct in their own cups. Alternatively, the mixologist can provide drinkware for tasting while customers glaze their ceramic tumblers. You can even offer progressive pottery, where members of a group decorate part of a piece then pass it to their neighbor for the next design step – a truly collaborative experience!

Inspired by a bourbon glass, the Faceted Tumber (MB-1575) works beautifully when decorated with shades of Stroke & Coat or by layering Elements glazes. Provide several glaze combos from which customers can choose to make color selections and decorating easy while sipping and connecting with friends.

The Hammered Tumbler (MB-1577) is perfect for a Moscow Mule or wine. While wine tasting events are not new, they never go out of style. Cross-market with a local wine shop to offer wine tasting painting events in people’s homes, your studio or even a local winery.

Our Arched Tumbler (MB-1576) lends itself to both simple designs and intricate designs. Follow the lines on the piece to create simple sections of color then embellish with dots, dashes, Designer Liner, or Speckled Stroke & Coat®. Use Elements™ glazes for a mid-range look at low-fire temperatures. The recessed areas allow the glaze to create interesting looks as the color breaks during firing.

A progressive group outing, like the scavenger hunt, would be a fun way to have groups spend more quality time in each location. Guests mix a cocktail and taste hors d’oeuvres at a local restaurant, then pop into your studio to glaze tumblers, and finally head to a dessert bar or coffee shop for the final stop. Promote the progressive party as a “must-do” event! Consider which businesses near you would work well for such a festive gathering. A moveable feast for the senses!

Visit the Project Library on our website and simple how-to videos on our YouTube channel for loads of inspiration. Remember to cross-promote your events and ask participants to share pictures from their experiences on social media. Provide some type of prop or backdrop that helps easily identify your studio to add to the visual representation of your studio.