Summer Trends for 2023

Summer Trends for 2023

Hooray for summer! The season that brings to mind bright, sunny days full of color and studios full of people! Start now on samples and displays to inspire your customers all season long. Here’s a look at some of the trending colors and motifs for summer. 

Bold Patterns 

Simple repetitive patterns are an easy way to brighten up any piece of bisque. Use different elements of a design on a variety of shapes to create a set of dinnerware or serving pieces like Mayco’s App Plates (MB-1586 and MB-1587). Use simple tools such as stickers and cut paper to create patterns. Take a cue from the Spirograph and use one simple shape in different ways to create a nifty design. 


People are craving color and jewel tones in Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald provide just the right amount of punch they’re seeking. Use them in whimsical designs or more simple elegant patterns. Give them a softer look by using glazes like Mayco Elements.  

Green is especially popular and is popping up on candleholders, cabinets, and of course botanical designs. Emerald green, as noted above, soft soothing greens and bright greens are all equally popular and can work as neutrals. You could do a display of planters and shapes decorated with botancial/green designs that incorporates other designs such as geometric or repetitive patterns in shades of green. Add a few floral pops of color and you have a lovely display to inspire but that could also be used as a selfie wall. Be sure to have your logo visible! 

Trees for All Seasons 

Trees are on trend! Take a variety of bisque trees available and give them a makeover for each season! Jewel tones, pastels, or neutrals give these Christmas staples extended shelf life and add height and dimension to home decor. Display a variety of trees, including our Wicker Trees (MB-1581, MB-1582, MB-1583) and Faceted Trees (MB-1497, MB-1498) with different glaze applications to spark inspiration.  


It’s easy to be a fan of the fungi when they’re bright and colorful! Consider showing a range of mushroom styles from botanic style line drawings (Mayco Mushrooms Silkscreen DSS-0165) to simple line drawings. Classic red tops with white dots and could be displayed with strawberry designs or go retro and incorporate oranges, greens and yellows. Jungle Gems crystal glazes are perfect for mushroom tops!  


These sweet berries can really make a statement when painted with bright colors and loose, simple patterns. The vintage look of classic strawberries on a set of cups or plates is a perfect project for any age.  Varying shades of red, pink, or even red and white gingham are a punchy way to glaze these fun fruits.  


Even if you’re not on the coast, nautical stripes, anchors, and ocean-inspired designs always draw the eye when considering summer design inspiration. Add a little red, yellow, or coral and you’ll have a perfect summer palette. Take a different approach and show a collection of abstract designs or simple patterns. Combine several trends on one piece by using black and white plus pops of color in the shape of monstera or other botanicals. 

There are so many wonderful options for design this colorful season! Create several vignettes in your studio that represent different trends, glazes, or color palettes. Incorporate props that you would find in a person’s home such as wall art, chairs, plants, books, and other home essentials. Offering this type of inspiration will provide inspiration to suit your customers’ varied tastes and shows them how such designs will work in their homes.  

Mayco Textures to Use In Your Studio

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