Vintage Elf Marketing Kit

'Tis the Elf Season!

Its elf season and we’re ready! With vintage colors and shapes topping the list of must have décor this holiday season, we have compiled some fun ideas to hep you boost sales and create some whimsical fun (and engagement) with your customers. Enter, the Mayco Vintage Elf!

Imagine this retro-style elf decorated in a variety of color palettes or themes or even to go with a popular show (past or present). Choose a theme for your event then promote it with images that we’ve provided or have fun taking your own.

In addition to an in-studio event, you can create To Go Kits for people to get in on the fun at home. Be sure to create multipacks of elves and glaze palettes for holiday parties at home. People will have fun decorating their elves at home and can share pictures with you to boost your social media!

Create a contest on social media for a set period of time and invite customers to post pictures of their elf! Create a hashtag that works for your studio and contest so you’ll be sure to see all of the entries. Be sure they tag your studio too!


  • Go Classic – Decorated in classic red and green plus a little sparkle (cue the SG-704 Speckta-Clear Pepermint!
  • Make it Mid-Century – Use a vintage holiday palette, pastels or retro patterns to set the tone. Host an event and play music from the 1940’s – 50’s.
  • Elves on the Lookout – Show your elves doing funny things inspired by the many Elf on the Shelf antics you’ll find on Pinterest.
  • Who Was That Masked Elf? – Decorate elves like famous masked characters. Zorro-elf, Bat-elf, Super-elf, Westley the Dread Pirate Roberts Elf, Darth Vad-elf… have fun with it!
  • Current Situation – Add a little humor and reminder to your customers you’re your studio is a fun and safe place to be. Show your elves being responsible by wearing a mask or holding a bottle of hand sanitizer. Santa likes his helpers to stay healthy!
  • Famous Elves in History – Feature elves that everyone know such as:
    • Elves that make cookies
    • Buddy with a special appearance by Leon the Snowman (Mayco’s Vintage Snowman MB-1473). Have display with the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.
    • Hermey – You know the elf that wants to be a dentist! Decorate Mayco’s Vintage Convertible (MB1528) as a getaway car for Hermey and Rudolph instead of them floating away on slab of ice.
    • Elf-vis – Ok, he isn’t famous… yet. What other musical elves can you imagine?
    • Cousin Elife – Paint an elf in the style of everyone’s favorite relative, Cousin Eddie, complete with a trapper hat. Give him a camper to call home (Vintage Camper MB-1514 or Camper Container MB-1536). Turn it into a costume party for your customers!

    Download our Vintage Elf Marketing Package!

    In the marketing package files, you’ll find various photos, graphics and postcard designs to use. We’ve also included extra versions for you to customize and brand with your own text, logo, etc. Marketing package includes:

    • 4″x6″ postcard that can be customizable for your studio and printed
    • Facebook cover photos
    • Facebook Event photos
    • Marketing Ideas PDF
    • Graphics with fun holidays sayings
    • Palette images using Stroke & Coat
    • Additional elf marketing photos