Stephen August

“Creativity has always been a cherished and highly viable aspect of my life from a very early age. Although I am only 1/16 Cherokee Native American, I think that side of my shows in my work. I especially love these pieces because I create them in partnership with mother nature. First, I take the materials from the earth. Then I add my technique and inspiration. Leaving the last word to the weather, where the ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure to determine the completely unique personality of each piece. Some of the pieces I cover in steel or copper and then oxidize them to rust or patina. Where there is a great deal of unpredictability involved in the physical process, I take great pains to establish and maintain the spirit in which each piece is created. I carefully protect a peaceful and positive feeling in my workspace, in my home, and in my heart. My wish is for you to feel that energy from the pieces I offer and that if a particular piece speaks to you, it will always add a dimension of joy and piece to your home.” -Stephen August

Interview with Stephen August

Mayco: Please tell us about your signature style and how does it fuel your creative fire?

Stephen: I don’t really have a signature style I change things up allot. I do like to incorporate Native American Designs into allot of my pieces.

What was your route to becoming an artist?

My 7th-grade art teacher said I had a natural talent for clay work. She got me in touch with her friend who owned a gift shop called The Grasshopper. She would up clearing out a small corner of her store for my work. at that time I did Clay, paintings, and crafts. I was the richest 7th grader I knew.

Tell us a bit about your process and what environment you like to work in?

My process is simple I see the piece finished in my head and get all the supplies I’ll need to finish that piece. I only work on one piece then go to the next. I live in a Log Cabin in the woods of TN so I like to work outside as much as possible on my deck on a table looking out at Nature, I have a lot of Critter friends that come and visit me

Another thing that I have found invaluable about working at SLP is the wide range of people that I meet. I talk to everyone from artists to teachers to taxidermists. Meeting so many people and hearing about how they use the products we sell gives me endless ideas to use in my own artwork. I am also able to form relationships with these people, which is essential in the ceramics community.

Tell us about a piece of work you have fond memories of and why?

When in 7 grade I made Salvador Dali’s Melting Clock out of clay and The Grasshopper store sold it for $1,250.00 Wish I had a picture of it besides in my head

How has using Mayco products changed your artwork, if at all?

I have always used Mayco Glazes after trying a few other brands. I find I get the most consistent results and I love the way they cover and how clear the colors come out with Mayco Glazes and products