Capture the billowy magic of snow for your wintertime-inspired projects or to create fun accents on animals.

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Duncan Fired Snow

Duncan Fired Snow adds dimensional texture that simulates the look of snow when fired. Use it as an accent glaze on Christmas items and animal décor. Apply it up to ¾ inches thick for extra dimension!

Billowy white texture

Fired snow can simulate more than just snow, use it for ocean foam, clouds, etc.

General Use

Stir well to a smooth consistency. Do not add water. Apply heavily to shelf cone 04 bisque. Use a palette knife, brush, sponge, ice cream stick or squeeze bottle. Avoid thin application. Apply over unfired glaze. Fire the shelf cone 06. Clean up with water.

To obtain a different look, tint or accent Snow with Duncan E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes. 

Certified Non-ToxicNot Dinnerware Safe

Duncan Fired Snow is Non-Toxic. Not recommended for dinnerware as it exhibits surface textures such as cracks and crevices. Recommended for ornamental use only.

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