Protect your non-fired projects with the clear, protective finish of Duncan Brush-On Sealers. 

Duncan Brush-On Sealers

Brush-On Sealers are non-toxic final brush-on coatings that produce smooth, hard surfaces. They are used to brighten the colors and protect the finishes of objects decorated with non-fired color products. They dry quickly and evenly to an invisible finish.

Two finishes

These brush-on sealers add a protective clear finish to non-fired color in a gloss or matte finish.

General Use

Stir well before using. Brush on two coats with a soft brush. Thin with water if necessary.

Brush and Product Care: Clean brushes with water. Wipe rims of jars and insides of lids, then close tightly

Tip: Brush-On Sealers can also be used over fired underglaze colors as a sealer in place of a fired glaze on decorative objects. 

Certified Non-ToxicNot Dinnerware Safe

Duncan Brush-On Sealers are Non-Toxic. For ornamental use only.

Available Sizes