Advanced Stoneware Camp On Demand

Advanced Stoneware Camp For PYOPs

Looking to go beyond the basics? Take your Stoneware knowledge to the next level with advanced techniques and projects at mid-range temperatures. A NINE video bundle (NOW FOR FREE!) gives you lifetime access so you can brush up on your skills whenever needed. Use the videos to train your staff as well!

We recommend everyone to take Stoneware Camp Basics before the Advanced workshop. Click here for more information about the Stoneware Camp Basics workshop.

1. Eggplant, Cenote & Flux Bowl

2. Smoke, Cordovan and Sandstone Plate

3. Cordovan and Rutile Wash Vase

4. Turquoise and Wash Bowl

5. Night Moth, Cenote and Black Wavy Mug

6. Tiger’s Eye, Shipwreck and Flux Todd Mug

7. Pink Dot Flower Bowl

8. Lava Rock Liner Bowl

9. Wendy Blues Bowl