Advanced Stoneware (July)

Looking to go beyond the basics? Take your Stoneware knowledge to the next level with advanced techniques and projects at mid-range temperatures. Join Crista, Teddy and Bre to learn three new stoneware techniques in our July Advanced Stoneware Session.

WHAT: Mayco’s Advanced Stoneware Session (July only date)

We recommend having taken the Stoneware Basics prior to taking an Advanced Session. Click here to take the Stoneware Basics on Demand 

WHERE: Virtual Zoom. We’ll send you a link after you register. The event will be recorded for later viewing.

DATE: July 19, 2021 

TIME: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT

COST: $25 registration.

SUPPLIES: This event does not include supplies. Please contact your Mayco distributor to order supplies if you do not already have it. See below for supply list.

Last day to register is July 15, 2021 at noon EDT. Refunds/Cancellation – No refunds or cancellation after July 8, 2021.

Note: This is for the June event only. Registration for a three month Advanced Stoneware Session is located here. – All three sessions will feature different projects!

Learn All About Stoneware for Your Studio

      Participants will learn: 
      • Difference between a Classic, Crystal, Matte, Gloss and Specialty Stoneware Glaze
      • Stoneware glaze combinations for success
      • Tips to prevent glaze running off the ware 
      • Adding a Flux or a Stoneware Wash to Stoneware Glazes 
      • What is a SW Wash and how it performs. 
      • Transparent Stoneware glaze with a Stoneware Wash 
      • Dinnerware vs. Food Safe What that means for you 
      • Tips on Pricing  


      Products Needed

      Stoneware Bisque

      • SB-103 Wavy Mug 
      • SB-106 Rimmed Bowl
      • SB-136 Todd Mug 


      • SW-112 Tiger’s Eye– 1 pint 
      • SW-154 Shipwreck – 1 pint 
      • SW-189 Cenote – 1 pint
      • SW-181 Night Moth – 1 pint 
      • SW-508 Black Gloss – 1 pint  
      • SW-201 Turquoise – 1 pint 
      • SW-303 Manganese Wash – 1-4 oz 
      • SW-401 Light Flux – 1-4 oz 
      • SC-77 Glo-Worm – 1- 2 oz. 
      • SG-401 Designer Liner Black

          Decorating Accessories

          • RB-144 #4 Soft Fan
          • RB-106 #6 Script Liner

          Miscellaneous Accessories

          • Sponge
          • Water