How to Use Magma

Developed to create a rough, cratered surface.

Mayco’s Stoneware Magma glazes have a dry and cratered finish that expands during the firing to create a textured and dimensional surface. We have a dark and a light Magma available. As with all of our Stoneware Glazes, our texture glazes work well on a variety of clay bodies and have a firing range from cone 5 to cone 10.


Application Tips

  • Shake and stir well.
  • For shown chip results, apply directly to bisqueware.
  • Apply 2-3 coats. Allow glaze to semi-dry between coats.
  • The thicker the application, the more textured the surface will be. A thicker application can be achieved by blotting or dotting the glaze onto the piece.  *See photo below.
  • Light Magma does not crater as much as the Dark Magma. We suggest using up to 5 coats to increase Light Magma texture.
  • Can be applied with slip trailer.
  • Due to the surface texture, we recommend that these glazes only be used on decorative surfaces. You may experience slight crumbling.
  • Black Magma will fume to other pieces in the kiln. We suggest using a soft brick in between pieces or use on its own kiln shelf.
  • Magmas can be used in combination with other Stoneware glazes to achieve different textures and effects. We recommend testing prior to use.

Firing Range & Clay Bodies