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All Price Lists (below) are provided for your reference only. Please contact your Mayco Distributor or Mayco Studio for product pricing and availability.

Price Lists

NEW Product Price List (Sept 2018) - (contains all active products except earthenware bisque): CAT-19/E 

NEW Mold Price List (Sept 2018) CAT-26/E 

Xiem Tool Price List (May 2018) MC-413/E 

Catalogs & Brochures

NEW Fall 2018 New Products Brochure (MC-418) - (Sept 2018) - 10.2 MB - MC-418/E

NEW 2018 Clay Tools Brochure (MC-418) - (Aug 2018) - 4.3 MB - MC-416/E

2018 Color Catalog (CAT-18) - (March 2018) - 23.83 MB - CAT-18/E - low resolution

2018 Color Catalog (CAT-18) - (March 2018) - 70.69 MB - CAT-18/E - high resolution

2018 Stoneware Brochure (March 2018): MC-411/E

2018 Stroke & Coat® Brochure (March 2018): MC-412/E

February 2018 Bisque Flyer (Feb 2018): MC409/E

2018 Creative Tools Catalog (Jan 2018): MC408/E

2016 Creative Tools Brochure (Aug 2016): MC-298/E

2016 Bisque Catalog (Aug 2016): CAT-25/E 

2017 Fall Bisque Catalog Supplement: MC-297/E  

2017 Fundamentals Catalog (Feb 2017): MC-400  


2014 Glass Flier (Feb 2014): MC-291/E


Castables Release Flyers

Education and Reference

Using Mayco Washes Reference guide for applying and using Mayco Washes.
Washes Guide

Using Dry Stoneware Glazes A reference guide on the benefits and uses of Mayco's dry-mix stoneware glazes.
Stoneware Guide (2.2 MB)

Mayco Plate Divider Guide 

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