Jessica Wills





Jessica is a 4th grade teacher who uses ceramics as an antidote to her fast-paced life while she begins to build her small business.




Interview with Jessica Wills

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up as a military child until my father retired, in Florida, after serving 30 years in the Air Force. At the age of 18, I started college to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. It was during my college years that I decided to take a course in Ceramics. I started with hand building and slowly worked my way up to throwing on a wheel. I am now graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and have been working as a 4th Grade teacher and have been slowly trying to build my small business – Wills’ Wares.

What drew you towards working with ceramics?

Pottery is the perfect antidote to my fast-paced life of being a 4th grade teacher. It helps me to be present & focus my mind on the clay in my hands, disconnecting me from my never-ending to do list & worries. Pulling a piece is my form of meditation & that’s why I find it so relaxing. There’s no better way to get into a flow state than by getting my hands dirty & reconnecting with Mother Earth.

How long have you been using Mayco products and how do they fit into your work?

I would say for about a year now. The colors that Mayco offers are absolutely gorgeous and earthly, and since I am a down to Earth person these glazes fit perfectly into my work. I think my favorite part of using Mayco glazes would be the blending of Stoneware glazes using Flux. That’s when I really can get creative.

How to do you come up with your design ideas?

I think a lot of my ideas come from other potters. Being a member of Mayco’s MudRoom has really been a huge inspiration in attempting new color combinations. Almost all of my blending and layering using flux has been inspired by other potters.

Can you tell us a little about your studio space?

I have slowly taken over my husbands’ garage. I sit in a corner, on a milk crate covered in bubble wrap, topped with a pillow, to pull my pieces. I am surrounded by walls of tools and shelving for my wares and Glazes. Mayco Glazes. I have three 6-foot tables that are absolutely covered with paint brushes, reject pieces, and glazes. Music is always in motion and although my studio may not be the cleanest, it is my special place.

Does your husband spend time doing ceramics with you?

Yes. He is my glazer. He will sit in his leather chair in the living room and glaze with basic colors and attempt basic drips. He says, he does not feel brave enough to use flux and to combine and layer glazes yet.

Do you have an artist you look up to?

Not really… I do enjoy Tim See.

Projects by Jessica Wills