Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones is the Human Resources Manager at Mayco! She received a Fine Arts degree before acquiring her Masters in Human Resource Management. We wanted to get an inside look at how Jillian translates her Fine Arts degree to ceramics!

Interview with Jillian Jones

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am from West Virginia. I graduated from Marshall University in 2014 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and in 2019 with a Masters of Science Human Resources Management.  

What drew you towards getting a degree in Fine Arts? 

I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. I entered and placed in various art shows during my time in school. Getting a fine arts degree just seemed like the obvious choice.  

Did you take a lot of ceramic classes? If so, what did you like most about them? 

I took a few ceramic classes in hand building, sculpting and wheel throwing. It is not only comforting to work with your hands, but clay is a medium that host unlimited possibilities to the work that can be created.  

What do you enjoy most about creating art?  

I find art is a form of communication that allows one to express thoughts and feelings outside the constraints of vocabulary. 

How do you like working at Mayco? 

Mayco feels like truly finding my place. It is comforting to work at a company that encourages creativity and to work alongside so many like minded individuals.